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DMM Torque Nuts

DMM Torque Nuts are protection devices based on the hexcentric theme. But do they have a place in the current market? Toby Archer gets talking about Torques...

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C.A.M.P Pro nuts

Toby Archer tests out the Pro nuts from CAMP. They come in sets of seven, have a different sizing to other nuts and are: "a solid product that does what it says on the tin”.

C.A.M.P Tri-cams

Toby Archer reviews Tri-Cams, from CAMP. Often thought of as a stray from the norm, Toby finds that, actually, they fit in places that nothing else will! Will these replace your normal rack? Do they work in icy placements? Can you ever get them out again? Find out...

Metolius Curve Nuts and Astro Nuts

Mountain Guide Kenton Cool takes a set of Metolius nuts cragging, Alpine climbing and Scottish winter climbing. He likes them. Why? Find out here...

Metolius SuperCams and PowerCams

Peering into the box that the postman had just dropped off I was amazed to see a sea of hard-wear. The box was jammed full of the new...

DMM Alloy Offsets

DMM have brought an old favourite back to the market, Alloy Offsets. Toby Archer, a big fan of the old HB Offsets, goes out cragging and takes them...

Wild Country Anodised Rocks

Born in 1979 from the fertile mind of Mark Vallance, founder of Wild Country, WC Rocks are found on most climbers racks. Here Jonathan...

Wild Country Superlight Rocks

My main problem with these Superlights is that I'm completely addicted to them! I never leave for the mountains without them and they have...

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Stoppers from £6 each? That's nuts!

We dive into Kouba's collection of trad climbing stoppers, covering everything from micros to hexes, offsets to Abalaks.

DMM International Recall on the Dragon Camming Device in size 6

DMM International has identified a raw material problem that may affect the strength of certain units of the Dragon Cam in size 6 (Product Code A7056A). This recall only involves the Dragon Cam in size 6 and no other sizes of Dragon...

Dragon Cam versus Weight of Medium Sized Car

There is nothing like seeing theory in practice to fully appreciate the facts and figures behind how well a product works. DMM's Technical Director, Fred Hall, had the idea of cutting a parallel sided slot out of a 1.38 tonne boulder, placing a...

DMM HB Brass Offsets

The HB Brass Offsets, offset micro wires developed a fanatical following and after re-introducing the larger alloy Offsets 12 months ago we...


IMP's (Immaculate Marginal Protection) are 'brass' micro wires that have a regular taper. They are the ideal basis for any experienced leader's rack of micro...

DMM Torque Nuts

Torque nuts are Dmm's solution to large passive protection.

C.A.M.P Jet Cam

The Jet Cam from C.A.M.P. is a light and versatile double stem camming device suited to many situations.

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