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mountain boots group test  © UKC Gear

Group Test All Round B1-B2 Mountain Boots

Mountaineering involves all sorts of terrain, so a general mountain boot has to be an all-rounder. We look at eight models that should take you from summer Alps to snowy Munros, UK scrambles to low grade winter climbs.

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Boreal Saurus thumbnail  © Dan Bailey

Boreal Saurus Running Shoe

While the Saurus is more than capable on the hills, this a trail shoe that you can also comfortably take onto more urban ground, says Dan Bailey

Trango portrait  © Toby Archer
Trango portrait  © Toby Archer

La Sportiva Trango Tower Extreme GTX

With a lightweight upper and an excellent balance of support and nimble-footedness, the Trango Tower Extreme GTX are superb technical mountain boots, says Toby Archer. So it's a shame the soles seem to wear so quickly.

SL Active montage  © Dan Bailey
SL Active montage  © Dan Bailey

Scarpa's New SL Active Boot

Scarpa's SL boot is 35 this year. A lot has changed in the outdoor world since then; now in its ninth version, has the new SL Active kept pace?

A sturdy shoe that should last a good long time  © Dan Bailey
A sturdy shoe that should last a good long time  © Dan Bailey

Scarpa Mescalito Approach Shoes

A robust and comfy shoe, the Mescalito should see you right for years of hillwalks, scrambles and crag approaches, says Martin...

TX2 montage  © Tom Ripley
TX2 montage  © Tom Ripley

La Sportiva TX2 Approach Shoe

The TX2 has the lightness, comfort and grippy tread of a trail shoe without sacrificing performance on the rock, says Tom Ripley....

Dolomite Kendal montage  © Toby Archer
Dolomite Kendal montage  © Toby Archer

Dolomite Kendal GTX Leather Boots

It's a conservative-looking brown leather walking boot, says Toby Archer, but a really nice one...

Tatra II boots montage  © Dan Bailey
Tatra II boots montage  © Dan Bailey

Hanwag Tatra II Boots

Well-built, comfy and supportive - if you're after a pair of traditional leather walking boots then these take some beating. We're...

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ZG Thumbnail  © Scarpa

The Scarpa Zero Gravity Collection

The Zero Gravity (ZG) family of product represents a new class of product for Scarpa, designed around a fluid and dynamic rolling gait concept and sits alongside the traditional hiking range. The core of the ZG range is a new last shape (called TR...

La Sportiva Bushido II

The Bushido II is a super light, extra grippy and aggressive shoe designed to ensure perfect stability and support on all types of off-road terrain from canal foot paths to the trail of the Lake District.


Made for mountain experts, the Torq Gtx Lite is a lighter and flexibile mountain boot, ideal for fast and challenging mixed terrains. A waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX lining and a water-repellent microfibre upper makes Torq Lite Gtx particularly adapt for...

Hanwag launches the new Ferrata II GTX

This spring Hanwag introduces its new Ferrata II GTX, a technical, new rock boot that combines unmatched levels of...

Boreal Arwa  © Boreal
Boreal Arwa  © Boreal

Boreal Mountain Boots - Triglav / Nelion / Arwa

Spring 2019 sees the launch of new family of alpine mountaineering boots from Boreal. The three new models...

Friendly Foot thumbnail  © Friendly Foot
Friendly Foot thumbnail  © Friendly Foot

Friendly Foot Shoe Spray Disinfectant and Deodoriser

Finally a shoe deodorizer spray that is friendly to your feet , skin and the environment, yet still...

Boreal Saurus Running Shoe

Saurus is an all new trail running shoe which excels on off-road footpaths and routes which feature a mix of hard paved surfaces...

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