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Since most climbers do a bit of everything, there's a lot to be said for a harness that does too. Over spring and summer 2016 the UKC test team has put ten all-round harnesses through their paces.

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These are reviews from the UKH editorial team

Edelrid Jay II and Jayne Harnesses

The Jay II and Jayne are two climbing harnesses from the German gear manufacturer Edelrid – The Jay is designed for men and the Jayne for women. UKC Gear Reviewer Mark Glaister puts them through their paces...

Black Diamond Xenos Harness

Want a harness that will take you up the Frendo Spur one weekend then allow you to send your sun-kissed sport project the next? Offer comfort on the hanging belays of Gogarth's Main Cliff and also have enough space to rack 20 ice screws and a monster mixed rack, then...

Petzl Hirundos ? an alpine harness?

Stripped down to the bare minimum in a world where every gram counts - it's a sport climbing harness, right? Es Tresidder has other ideas ... This harness will be familiar to many of you, having added a bit of colour to many a photo of Steve McClure clinging...

C.A.M.P Air Harness

The first sit harnesses were basically a belt and leg loops made out of webbing, like alpine harnesses today and the Whillans harness of yesterday....

Black Diamond Chaos Harness

"Hanging in your harness on a 20 pitch monster could be a nightmare!" "You need comfort, freedom of movement and NOT the...

Wild Country Elite Mens Adjustable harness

Toby Archer dangles around in the Elite Mens Adjustable harness from Wild Country. He finds plenty of good points and a...

Wild Country Synchro Ultralite Ziplock Harness

Jon Griffith gets to grips with the Synchro Ultralite Ziplock Harness from Wild Country: " is actually a simple...

Latest News

These are annoucements direct from manufacturers

CAMP Flint Kit

A versatile and affordable kit for indoor and outdoor climbers. The light and comfortable Flint harness features the patented No-Twist belay loop that holds the belay carabiner securely in place to prevent the dangers of cross loading, robust construction, and all the features to make it ready for anything you plan to throw its way

New Wild Country Summit and Spire harnesses in store

Striking, fully featured, original designs, Wild Country's latest harness range once again demonstrates a commitment to innovation. These totally new models with slick Ziplock buckles and exclusive new materials make our most advanced harnesses...

An Evolution in Climbing Comfort from EDELRID

German climbing specialists EDELRID recently introduced two new climbing harnesses to the UK market – the Orion (RRP: £85), a fully adjustable 4-buckle harness suitable for year-round and alpine climbing as well as the Atmosphere (RRP: £70) a...

Mammut Realization Shorts

The world's first intergrated harness shorts, tried and tested by the world's best, 7 time (in a row) World Cup Winner Jakob Schubert.

New Arc'teryx M-270 Harness

Designed to be extremely light but exceptionally comfortable, the M-270 is ideal for performance-focused ice and mixed climbers. It features...

Petzl Frame Construction Harnesses

Petzl's Frame Construction harnesses feature high-strength bias tape on the edges of the waistbelt and leg loops to provide...

Petzl Corax Harness

Corax is the multi-purpose harness par excellence. It comes in two sizes, so adapts to all user shapes. Its comfort and ease of use make it suitable...

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