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Black Diamond Vision MIPS helmet

Crossing over from the bike and skiing industries, MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System) helmets are designed to offer increased protection to the brain from rotational forces. Martin McKenna looks at the Black Diamond Vision MIPS, one of the first climbing helmets to use this system.   

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Climbing Technology Orion Helmet

It may not set out to rewrite the rules, but we think Climbing Technology's Orion is an excellent take on the polystyrene style helmet that has become more or less standard in recent years.

Petzl SIROCCO Helmet

Following a re-design, the new Petzl SIROCCO is a big improvement on the original, says Theo Moore. No longer at risk of looking like a giant tangerine, he has been sporting it on crags from Pembrokeshire to the Peak. Here's what he thought.

Petzl ELIA Women's Helmet

A refinement on the popular ELIOS, Petzl's new ELIA helmet is designed specifically for women - particularly those with long hair. Alex Berry tries it on for size.

Petzl Meteor helmet

Petzl's Meteor was probably the first EPS helmet on the market, way back in 1996. Dan Bailey looks at the latest version of this benchmark...

360 Helmet from Wild Country

UKC Editor Jack Geldard takes the 360 helmet for a spin and - he likes it! "...this one doesn't look like a washing up...

Wild Country Helmets

Wild Country have come up with a radical new helmet design aimed at providing the cross-season climber with one do-it-all...

C.A.M.P Armour Helmet

TobyA reviews the CAMP Armour helmet - "it both looks pretty darn cool and – most importantly – isn't purple.. So over all, a great...

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Choosing A Petzl Helmet

Wearing a helmet in a wide variety of outdoor sports is an obvious choice for many people. For Petzl, offering more than simple protection for your head is one of our primary concerns!

Petzl SIROCCO Ultra Lightweight Climbing And Mountaineering Helm

With a maximum weight of 165 g, the SIROCCO becomes the new standard for lightweight helmets.

Edelrid Shield II Helmet

Edelrid are updating their well-respected and long-established range of climbing helmets with the addition of the Shield II – a lightweight, 'soft shell' style helmet with a number of practical features.

Mammut El Cap Helmet

The Mammut El Cap Helmet series combines style with technical know-how. With a style for kids too, the El Cap helmet range is suitable for the...

Metolius Safetech Helmet

With its strong ABS shell, EPS liner and soft cradle aids, our Safetech Helmet offers incomparable protection. There is exceptional ventilation...

METEOR III + Helmet: Climb, Bike, Whitewater

Weighing only 235 grams, the METEOR III + sets the standard in terms of lightness and comfort. It is also one of our most...

Wild Country 360 Helmet - The revolution begins

Durable, stylish, super safe and priced to sell the 360 is an exceptional polycarbonate helmet built with style and the...

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