Tokyo 2020 Olympics

International Women's Day Call for Pitches - Women Writers Welcomed!

On International Women's Day, we'd like to encourage more women to pitch writing ideas to and In recent years, we have increased our in-house coverage of women's climbing and women in the outdoors, alon...

Coronavirus: New Lockdown Guidance Issued

Following the announcement of national lockdowns across the country, political leaders have set out new guidelines and legislation on travel, exercise and recreation, some of which relate to climbing and hillwalking.

Become a Supporter of UKClimbing and UKHillwalking

During the past six weeks, we have seen our traffic increase as people spent more time at home and reached out to their virtual communities for support. At UKClimbing and UKHillwalking we have been proud to have played a small part in...

International Olympic Committee launches Mountain Protection Group

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced the launch of The Mountain Summit, a...

Kendal Mountain Festival 2019 - Report

Another edition of the Kendal Mountain Festival has been and gone. 2019 proved to be a vintage year, judging by the...

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Black Lives Matter - Resources for the Outdoor Community

As the world reacts to the killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis, we at UKC and UKH are joining millions across the globe who seek to listen, learn and stand with people of colour in the fight against racism. The outdoor community is not known for its racial or cultural diversity, and it's arguably beyond time that we actively discuss the ways in which systemic racism, individual biases, cultural norms and barriers to participation have shaped the outdoor and adventure spaces we inhabit. We hope to cover this issue in greater depth in future months as we educate ourselves and speak with BAME outdoor activists and athletes, but in the interim, here's a list of resources - some specific to the outdoor sphere, some related to the wider global anti-racism movement - for people to read, watch and listen to. Most of these outdoor-specific organisations are US-based, but they are nonetheless valuable in our own context. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, we are happy to update this list - please comment in the forums or email us.



Janja Garnbret
Seed: 1
PB: 7.916s
13 wins 15 podiums
17 wins 26 podiums
Akiyo Noguchi
Seed: 2
PB: 9.129s
21 wins 58 podiums
0 wins 10 podiums
Shauna Coxsey
Seed: 3
PB: 9.141s
11 wins 30 podiums
0 wins 0 podiums
Aleksandra Mirosław
Seed: 4
PB: 7.129s
0 wins 0 podiums
0 wins 0 podiums
Miho Nonaka
Seed: 5
PB: 8.2s
3 wins 19 podiums
0 wins 0 podiums
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Tomoa Narasaki
Seed: 1
PB: 6.292s
4 wins 19 podiums
0 wins 4 podiums
Jakob Schubert
Seed: 2
PB: 7.115s
3 wins 10 podiums
19 wins 50 podiums
Rishat Khaibullin
Seed: 3
PB: 5.863s
0 wins 0 podiums
0 wins 0 podiums
Kai Harada
Seed: 4
PB: 6.348s
0 wins 1 podium
0 wins 1 podium
Mickael Mawem
Seed: 5
PB: 6.25s
0 wins 0 podiums
0 wins 0 podiums
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