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Using SARLOC for Rescue on your Smartphone

Getting smart with your smartphone might just save your life in an emergency, writes Judy Whiteside, Editor of Mountain Rescue Magazine. 'There are many apps for smartphone which show the phone's location, but these rely on the lost person having the app installed before they get lost. The beauty of SARLOC is that is uses the web brow...


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The Dos and Don'ts of Roadside Camping

Camping by the road is contentious, but it's the hooligans that give the rest of us a bad name. So here are some basic 'rules' for minimising the impact next time you camp out of the car boot...

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Skills Smartphones & Hills - Common Issues, and How to Fix Them

Modern phones might be very handy on the hill, but it's vital to know their limits. Crispin Cooper examines the many ways smartphones can fail, and how to get around the issues

Bikepacking - A Beginner's Intro

Combining elements of cycle touring, mountain biking and backpacking, the emerging bikepacking scene has an obvious attraction to hillwalkers. Markus Stitz, one of the UK's leading bikepacking exponents, tells us what it's all about.

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Skills Top Tips for Leading a Walking Group

Keen walkers often become group leaders by default, but they don't always do the best job. Emily Donoho has some suggestions...

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Glenmore Lodge Winter Skills Mountaineering

These videos show best practice when mountaineering, from the walk-in, to finding a key place and finally starting on...

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Glenmore Lodge Winter Skills Tackling a Winter Climb

This series of videos with Glenmore Lodge focuses on decision making in the mountains. They aim to give you...

10 Things Nobody Told You About Winter Mountaineering

You're hungry, tired and strung out. It's too dark for views and there's spindrift in your pants. But despite the...

Glenmore Lodge Winter Skills Approaching a Winter Climb

Skills Frostbite - What it is, and How to Avoid It

Winter Winter Walker to Winter Climber - Here's How

Skills Planning Off-Path Routes

Modernise Your Navigation

Running 10 Techniques for Moving Faster in the Mountains

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Scrambling with a partner

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Crossing a Bergschrund

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Glenmore Lodge Winter Skills

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Arc'teryx Alpine Academy


How to Buy a Waterproof Jacket

How do you buy a waterproof breathable jacket? These days there's loads of choice on offer, so Dan Bailey takes a look at the basics: materials, designs and the uses to which they are best suited.

Sharpening up your Ice Tools

Most winters we can anticipate the usual spate of questions about sharpening the tips of axes and crampons on the UKC forums. In this article UKC regular Graham Gedge provides a basic guide to some do’s and don’ts on the subject, taking into account previous...

Ten Serious Mistakes Winter Walkers Make

From dropping a glove to falling through a cornice, basic slip-ups can have serious consequences in winter. But most mistakes ought to be avoidable. Here's what not to do...

Ten Top Tips for Buying Summer Boots

In the market for a new pair of walking boots? This article is aimed primarily at beginners taking their first steps into hillwalking, but even old hands might pick up the odd tip. If you've endured years of ill-fitting boots then it could be time to think again...

Rescue Calling in a Mountain Rescue

Make A Mountain First Aid Kit

Camping Ten Top Tips for Wild Camping

Advice for novices and would-be climbers

Ski Mountaineering - It's for you!

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Ten Top Tips for your first Alpine Adventure

10 Tips on Staying Warm in Winter by Andy Kirkpatrick

How To Avoid Ticks and Lyme Disease

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