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Top Tips /
Ten Top Tips for Buying Winter Boots

Whether you're a winter walker or a winter climber, buying the right boot can be bewildering, so MIC Jake Phillips has some advice to help you make that crucial decision.


Running /
15 Tips for Stronger Uphills

Trail running guru Claire Maxted offers tips on how to make ascents more efficient and less painful. And here's the thing: they mostly work for walkers too!

Dogs /

Dogs Winter Walking With Your Dog

Mountain Rescue dog handler and first aid expert Helen Howe knows a thing or two about taking dogs up snowy hills. Here's she shares some hard-won advice.

Running /

Running Don't Fear Failure - How to Learn From a Hill Racing DNF

Claire Maxted looks at the positive lessons any runner can take home from failing to finish a race

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy /

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Hauling someone from a crevasse

In this instructional film, Mountain Guide Peter Mason shows us how to haul a climbing partner from a...

Comedy /

Comedy Eight Things They Never Told You About Mountain Navigation

There are some things about mountain navigation that only years of trial and error can teach you; here are a...

Skills /

Skills Hyperthermia - Heat Illnesses and How to Manage Them

Summer weather on the hills can easily catch you out. We recently covered hydration, so now it's time to take...

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy /

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Ascending out of a Crevasse

In this instructional film, Mountain Guide Peter Mason shows us how to ascend a rope out of a crevasse.

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Basic Crevasse Rescue

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Equipment for Crevasse Rescue

Skills Hydration for Hillwalkers

Using SARLOC for Rescue on your Smartphone

Camping The Dos and Don'ts of Roadside Camping

Skills Smartphones & Hills - Common Issues, and How to Fix Them

Bikepacking - A Beginner's Intro

Top Tips Top Tips for Leading a Walking Group

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Arc'teryx Alpine Academy

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Glenmore Lodge Winter Skills


10 Tips on Staying Warm in Winter by Andy Kirkpatrick

Despite climbing winter routes all over the world, Hull's second best climber has never had the hotaches... In this article Andy Kirkpatrick shares his tips for staying warm and consequently staying alive!

Sharpening up your Ice Tools

Most winters we can anticipate the usual spate of questions about sharpening the tips of axes and crampons on the UKC forums. In this article UKC regular Graham Gedge provides a basic guide to some do’s and don’ts on the subject, taking into account previous...

Top Tips /

Top Tips Ten Top Tips for your first Alpine Adventure

Dave Searle gives us ten handy hints for our first steps in to the alpine arena. Headed to climb on the big ones this summer? Check out what he has to say...

Rescue /

Rescue Calling in a Mountain Rescue

Phoning for help in the mountains - we all hope we'll never need to, but if the worst happened would you know what to do? Mountain first aid expert Helen Howe talks us through the process.

Ten Serious Mistakes Winter Walkers Make

Using SARLOC for Rescue on your Smartphone

How To Avoid Ticks and Lyme Disease

Top Tips Ten Top Tips for Buying Summer Boots

Camping /
Ten Top Tips for Wild Camping

Make A Mountain First Aid Kit

Advice for novices and would-be climbers

How to Buy a Waterproof Jacket

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