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Magnetic North is Moving East - Here's How to Correct For It

Skills Magnetic North is Moving East - Here's How to Correct For It

We should all know the difference between magnetic north, the direction your compass points, and the grid lines on a map. In Britain we've always been able to correct for this in the same way - until now. Here's the latest advice from the Ordnance Survey.


ARTICLE: Avalanche Basics Part 2: Staying Safe

Avalanche Basics Part 2: Staying Safe

In part 1 of this series Mountaineering Instructor Mark Reeves looked at how avalanches occur; here in part 2 he suggests ways to assess the risk, spot the warning signs and stay out of trouble

Avalanche Basics Part 1: Anatomy of an Avalanche

From the still-evolving science behind them to tips on how best to avoid getting caught out, avalanches are a huge and complex subject. But even a little knowledge could be a life saver. In this two-part article Mountaineering Instructor Mark...

Running Fastpacking - A Beginner's Guide

Whether you're a backpacker looking to up your pace, or a runner in search of bigger adventures, fastpacking could be for you, says Lily Dyu, author of a new guide. Here's how...

Rescue How to Save a Life With a Flapjack – Diabetes on the Hill

People with diabetes can - and should - enjoy hillwalking as much as anyone. But if a member of your party had...

Skills Tips and Tricks for Navigating in the Dark

Finding your way around the hills at night can be a challenge. These simple techniques recommended by Mountain Leaders...

Top Tips Ten Top Tips for Buying Winter Boots

Whether you're a winter walker or a winter climber, buying the right boot can be bewildering, so MIC Jake Phillips has some...

Running 15 Tips for Stronger Uphills

Trail running guru Claire Maxted offers tips on how to make ascents more efficient and less painful. And here's the thing: they mostly work...

Dogs Winter Walking With Your Dog

Running Don't Fear Failure - How to Learn From a Hill Racing DNF

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Hauling someone from a crevasse

Comedy Eight Things They Never Told You About Mountain Navigation

Skills Hyperthermia - Heat Illnesses and How to Manage Them

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Ascending out of a Crevasse

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Basic Crevasse Rescue

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Equipment for Crevasse Rescue

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Arc'teryx Alpine Academy

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Glenmore Lodge Winter Skills


Using SARLOC for Rescue on your Smartphone

Getting smart with your smartphone might just save your life in an emergency, writes Judy Whiteside, Editor of Mountain Rescue Magazine. 'There are many apps for smartphone which show the phone's location, but these rely on the lost person having...

10 Tips on Staying Warm in Winter by Andy Kirkpatrick

Despite climbing winter routes all over the world, Hull's second best climber has never had the hotaches... In this article Andy Kirkpatrick shares his tips for staying warm and consequently staying alive!

Rescue Calling in a Mountain Rescue

Phoning for help in the mountains - we all hope we'll never need to, but if the worst happened would you know what to do? Mountain first aid expert Helen Howe talks us through the process.

Top Tips Ten Top Tips for Buying Summer Boots

In the market for a new pair of walking boots? This article is aimed primarily at beginners taking their first steps into hillwalking, but even old hands might pick up the odd tip. If you've endured years of ill-fitting boots then it could be time to think again...

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Sharpening up your Ice Tools

Ten Serious Mistakes Winter Walkers Make

How to Buy a Waterproof Jacket

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