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The Petzl Ange: a new type of karabiner

Petzl haven't changed the design of their flagship karabiner/quickdraw since 1992 but are now set to make climbers eyes open wide with the introduction this September of new model to compliment the Spirit, called the Ange. Mick Ryan takes a look (with video).

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Wild Country Neon Screwgate, Astro Tech-wire and Nitro Tech-wire

Less is more and light is vital! Wasn't this the mantra of training guru Matt "Smythe" Smith? Well it certainly appears to have been taken on board by Wild Country with their latest wire-gate and screw-gate karabiners. I...

How light is right? DMM Phantoms vs. CAMP Nano 23s

Toby Archer fondles two of the lightest 'biners in the known universe. They both have slightly different characteristics, but which does he prefer and why?... "It is of course an unfair stereotype to say that Italians have a propensity to be flash...

Wild Country Titan 2 and Oxygen Keylock Karabiner and Quickdraw

The Titan 2 and the Oxygen Keylock karabiners are rough, tough and according to Lou Neil; "the George Clooney of karabiners"...

DMM Shadow Quickdraws

TobyA gets to grips with the DMM Shadow Quickdraws. He's had them for over six months and he takes a look at the Keylock nose, the different...

Wild Country Xenon Lite Quickdraw

Here I am five years later with a new set of impossibly light quickdraws (65 grams!) thinking “how on earth did they do...

Black Diamond Oval Wire Karabiner

If you search, “racking karabiner” in UKClimbing.com’s forums you will come up with literally hundreds of threads jam packed with...

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Simond Rocky Karabiners

Chamonix-based hardware manufacturer, Simond, have issued a recall on all Rocky bent gate and straight gate karabiners produced in 2012 and 2013...

Mammut Bionics and Bionic Wiresafe - Last Few!

To make way for Mammut's new Bionic Evo's the last shipment of Mammut Bionics and Bionic Wiresafe have just landed in the UK.

Ultralight Nano Karabiners and Quickdraws

The C.A.M.P. Nano 23 Karabiner is the lightest full strength krab in the world. C.A.M.P superceeds its own record with the Nano 23 Karabiner which, at 23 grams, is 5 grams lighter than its Nano Wire big brother, while keeping the same dimensions.

Alpkit Limited Edition Quickdraws

We've always wanted to do our own proper climbing gear, who wouldn't?So we approached DMM to bash out a limited number of quickdraws...

Metolius Inferno Karabiner and Quickdraw

Lightweight, state-of-the-art full-sized body karabiner with large gate opening and exceptional strength.

Black Diamond Hot Forged Hotwire Karabiners

The Black Diamond HotWire® is the karabiner that started the wiregate revolution. Now redesigned and hot forged at...

C.A.M.P Orbit Wiregate Karabiner and Quickdraws

The wiregate version of the proven lightweight and compact Orbit model, available in both straight and bent gate versions....

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