DMM HB Brass Offsets

HB Brass Offsets

The HB Brass Offsets, offset micro wires developed a fanatical following and after re-introducing the larger alloy offsets 12 months ago we were inundated with requests to start manufacturing the smaller brass offsets. Their popularity is because their unique shape allows climbers to protect pitches that are otherwise not viable.

The finished product took longer to bring to market than predicted, but we had to completely rethink the manufacturing process whilst also maintaining the original design specification. The units are manufactured from a very specific quality of 'brass' that is silver soldered onto stainless steel wire.

Every unit is proof loaded to 75% of its rated strength. The wires benefit from a colour coded alloy swage that is only dinked on one side i.e. one wire runs free so that the head is always loaded optimally. The colour coded swage helps with selecting the right size first time.

These little units come in seven sizes and are available either individually or in a variety of sets.

HB Brass Offsets Size table

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13 Sep, 2009
Is there any reason why this is done with this gear but it isn't advertised as a feature of any other DMM kit? Public reassurance after the CCH silver soldering affair?
13 Sep, 2009
Thanks for taking the time to reply. I was tryng hard not to be critical but I was rather curious.

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