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COROS Vertix 2S, Heart Rate Monitor and Vertix 2S Carabiner

I reviewed the COROS Vertix 2 back in 2022 and in the years that have passed I've worn it each and ever day. Within this review we'll be looking at its update - the Vertix 2S - as well as the accessories which are now available, including the COROS Heart Rate Monitor and Carabiner.

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COROS Vertix 2 Watch

With an incredible battery life, and a host of features that should appeal to runners, mountaineers and hillwalkers alike, the Vertix 2 is a state-of-the-art wrist-mounted powerhouse, says Rob Greenwood. But despite the huge price tag, it's not quite perfect. So is this...

Exped Seal Sleeve Waterproof Cases

Made specifically to keep electronic gear clean and dry outdoors, Exped's new Seal Sleeve cases come in a range of sizes to fit anything from a small phone to a large tablet.

Magellan eXplorist 710 GPS

The flagship in Magellan's eXplorist series, the 710 is a robust and feature-heavy GPS receiver that does everything you could possibly want from a handheld GPS, and a lot more besides. Dan Bailey is a simple soul at heart, and high tech gizmos make his head hurt....

British Mountain Maps - The Lake District by the BMC and Harvey

In a new venture the BMC have got together with Harvey's Maps to produce a map designed specifically for outdoor hill walkers, climbers and mountaineers. Just what are the requirements for a map which wants to satisfy this...

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COROS announces the PACE 3 GPS Sport Watch

The COROS PACE 3 offers Dual Frequency, Longer Battery, Music, Navigation, Touchscreen, New Activity Modes, and more!   

A New Range of Compasses by SOL

SOL have released a new range of lightweight and wearable compasses, adding to their line of outdoor survival products. The range offers five new compasses to aid in any outdoor adventure.

Munro and Wainwright scratch-off prints - Ideal for Christmas

Most walkers or hikers like to keep a tally of the mountains they have climbed and for those of you who love ticking off or bagging mountains you can now buy a Munros map and a Wainwrights map where you can scratch off the...

Munro and Wainwright scratch-off prints

Most walkers or hikers like to keep a tally of the mountains they have climbed and for those of you who love ticking...

Walking the Hebridean Way, by Richard Barrett

There is something about the Western Isles that casts a spell over the heart, drawing visitors back time and...

Personalised Maps from Ordnance Survey

Personalised Maps from Ordnance Survey make both an unique gift and a practical map. You can take just the map that you need,...

Magellan eXplorist 610 GPS Device

The eXplorist 610 captures your outdoor life in picture-perfect detail. A rugged handheld GPS device has high sensitivity GPS, easy to...

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