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Via Ferrata Sets from Climbing Technology

No matter what you might think, even for experienced climbers a VF set is an essential purchase if attempting a via ferrata. These two sets from Climbing Technology both offer good value for money and excellent performance.

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Wild Country Neon Screwgate, Astro Tech-wire and Nitro Tech-wire

Less is more and light is vital! Wasn't this the mantra of training guru Matt "Smythe" Smith? Well it certainly appears to have been taken on board by Wild Country with their latest wire-gate and screw-gate karabiners. It's...

Black Diamond Reliable Air Traffic Control - BD's ATC-Sport

"Taaaaaaaake!" Hurtling through the air, arms bathed in lactic torment, body quivering from the exhaustion and the shock it's not a good time to be wondering if your belay device is up to scratch. Thankfully however, I stop before I hit the...

Edelrid Eddy

There are many auto-locking belay devices available but none as popular as the Petzl Grigri. Adrian Berry takes a look at one of the latest offerings on the market, the Edelrid Eddy.

The Petzl Reverso

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Precautionary Recall of Mammut Via Ferrata Sets

Mammut recalls the 2012 Via Ferrata Sets Tec Step Bionic, Tec Step Classic, Tec Step Brenta Classic and Tec Step Bionic Turn from the market as a precaution.

Edelrid Via Ferrata Recall - Further Details

Following the voluntary recall of numerous via ferrata sets and extensive material testing, Edelrid has now developed a solution, which has been applied to the elasticated webbing arms of all recalled sets.

Edelrid Via Ferrata Set Recall

Edelrid are urgently recalling certain via ferrata sets, due to safety concerns...

Wild Country Superlight Screwgates - In Stores Now

Wild Country's superlight screwgates are the perfect fit for any rack - light, slick and all with keylock noses. The...

Super Lightweight CAMP Nitro HMS carabiner

Super Lightweight HMS carabiner with a key closure to reduce snagging when working with ropes and webbing. The Nitro uses...

Mammut Smart Safety Device

The Smart Safety Device has been specially designed to meet the needs of climbing wall and sport climbers.

Metolius Element HMS Karabiner

A good-looking compact HMS 'biner with perfect bar-stock size, great weight and a nice price.

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