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REVIEW: Exposure Headtorches

Exposure Headtorches

Made in the UK, these units are small, rugged and very powerful. But is this the perfect mountain torch? Dan Bailey has reservations

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REVIEW: Petzl TIKKID Children's Headtorch

Petzl TIKKID Children's Headtorch

With its kid-friendly features, the TIKKID is ideal for younger users. Just don't expect to see far with it, says Dan Bailey

Petzl BINDI Headtorch

This mini torch packs a punch that belies its tiny weight, says Dan Bailey, while the decent burn time means it's not just for emergencies

Luci Inflatable Solar Powered Lights

Solar powered torches used to be a joke, but thanks to advances in technology Dan Bailey has now seen the light. These camping lanterns from MPowerd are actually pretty darn good.

Black Diamond Iota Headtorch

Weighing only 56g, yet maxing out at 150 lumens, the Iota's impressive power:weight ratio makes it a great backup torch. But it also...

Petzl ACTIK Headtorch

Tough, reliable and simple to use, the ACTIK packs a lot of power into a compact body. For general climbing and hillwalking use, it's all...

Edelrid Asteri Headtorch

Edelrid have recently joined other hardware brands in releasing a range of headtorches. With its balance of output and burn time, and...

Petzl REACTIK+ Headtorch

The REACTIK+ features Petzl's clever reactive lighting technology, but its wizardry doesn't end there. With the new MyPetzl Light app...

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PRODUCT NEWS: Exposure Lights launch new HT1000 & HT500 Head Torches

Exposure Lights launch new HT1000 & HT500 Head Torches

Exposure Lights will be a new name to many, but the introduction of their HT1000 and HT500 Head Torches should raise a few eyebrows amongst a more discerning audience. Boasting an impressive potential of up to 1000 lumens all within a 145g body, t...

All new range of head torches from Alpkit

See our new range of 6 headtorches available now so you can make the most of shorter winter days.

Luci Lights

First Ascent is pleased to announce the imminent arrival of "Luci Lights" - lightweight, compact, waterproof, inflatable solar rechargeable lights.

New Alpkit Arc Headtorch

Arc is a powerful 190 lumen, 154 g head torch with a quick change battery pack, new to the Alpkit range. 

Reactive Lighting and Burn Time

Headtorch performance, and the associated figures, is something of a minefield and it's not easy to wade through all the...

Alpkit Manta Head Torch

The Manta is a headtorch with integrated battery compartment. The dimmable 100 lumen Cree L.E.D. delivers a bright beam, the width...

Alpkit Glowe Lantern

Lightweight 170 lumen 120gm backpacking dual function lantern and torch.

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