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Superlight Edelrid Falcon Rope (9.4mm)

While most climbers carefully seek out the perfect rock shoe fit and style to maximise their performance, says James Ibbertson, few apply the same logic to ropes. In the past his own rope selection criteria has been simple. "Which is the cheapest long rope in the shop?" Well ... colour may have come into it too - "Which is the cheapest long non-...

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Tendon Master 9.2mm Rope

Dave Pickford takes an in-depth look at the Tendon Master 9.2mm rope: "Tendon is a relatively recent name on the UK climbing rope market, and based on the performance of the 'Master' 9.2mm I have recently been testing, the brand looks set to take ...

Infinity Rope Sprint 9.2mm

Jack Geldard reviews the Infinity Sprint 9.2 from Wild Country. The Sprint 9.2 is a super light single rope. It can be for Trad climbing or Sport climbing. It is available in a variety of lengths to suit your purpose. And yes, he does fall off!

Serenity 8.9 Single rope

Mike Kann tries out the Mammut Serenity 8.9 Single rope. A rope, like the Beal Joker that is tagged as a Single, Half and Twin rope. Mike takes the Serenity to Shepherd's Crag and Aonach Mor.

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Edelrid Ropes Designed With Winter in Mind...

Winter climbing brings with it a unique set of challenges, not least in terms of the effects it can have on your rope. Extended use in wet or snowy conditions can result in the fibres becoming saturated by excess moisture, leading to a rope that t...

OutDoor Show 2010 - ROPES

Mick Ryan reports on the latest news and innovations in climbing ropes. Last week, we reported on the OutDoor Show and announced the Outdoor Industry Award Winners 2010 - Best In Gear: Friedrichshafen OutDoor Show 2010. We'll be running a series of news items about the...

Zero-G Climbing G-String Rope

Find out what makes the Zero-G G-String 8.5mm rope such amazing value in this easy to understand article.

Tendon 9.7mm x 60m Master

Top-class low diameter single rope from Tendon with SBS sheath construction for improved resistance to abrasion and great handling...

Tendon 10mm x 50m Smart

The Smart is Tendon's entry-model single rope. It has a remarkably high specification for such a competitively priced rope. As with all...

Beal Flyer II 10.2 mm

This rope is easy to handle, gets along well with any belay device and is suitable for "working" your latest sport project, racking up the miles on...

Field & Trek Dry Treated Rope - 60m x 10.5mm

A lighter rope for those who are pushing their grade on routes where every gram counts. Dry treated, 10.5 and 60m.

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