Posting Guidelines

If you would like to report a message or thread that contravenes the guidelines below, then please Report Abuse here.

If you have a more general enquiry then you can use our Contact Us form.

If you have arrived here after receiving an email from the moderators, then please read this page carefully. After that, if you still feel that your post has been removed unreasonably then please Contact Us.

Forum Moderation

We avoid over moderation but if people stray outside the reasonable requests listed below, then their postings will be removed by the Forum Moderators and those who persistently offend will be banned from using the forums. It takes a lot of work to moderate the forums and all the moderators always have other important work for as well - writing news reports, editing articles, improving the databases, adding new features and funding the site. Any time spent dealing with petty disputes, or moderating trivial posts in The Pub, takes away time that could be better spent on these other tasks. If we feel that a certain individual, or group of individuals, is wasting our time then we will not hesitate to ban them even if their action doesn't contravene one of the guidelines below. This will enable us to spend more time on jobs that are appreciated by the vast majority of's readers.

Read more about's censorship policy here.

Moderating Questions

  1. Threads about the moderating - If you feel your message has been unreasonably deleted, or if you wish to complain about a post that you find offensive, then please get in touch with the moderators. Do not start another thread saying 'Why has my thread been deleted?' or complaining about censorship - try talking to us first!
  2. "Where has it gone?" threads - Threads discussing other disappearing threads or posts will always be removed. Read more about's censorship policy here.
  3. Moderator provocation - Threads posted just to provoke the moderators into action are extremely tiresome and time-wasting and will be removed.

Banned from Posting

Occasionally we have to restrict users from posting. This is done at our discretion and once banned you will not be able to post, view your profile, upload photos or use the contact forms to email other users. Posting restrictions are almost always lifted after a short time and a quick email to the moderators will usually do the trick. It is worth keeping in mind the fact that we are more likely to lift restrictions on those people who have made some attempt to understand why they might have been banned in the first place and approach us positively. Angry emails from people who are under the impression that their human rights have been violated will usually be ignored.

General Post Content

  1. Which Forum? - We provide different forums for different types of discussion - please try to use the right one for your new topic, and don't post duplicates of your topic in more than one forum. Topics in the wrong forum will be moved to a different forum by the moderators. People who persistently post in the wrong forum will have their posts removed instead of moved.
  2. Rude, abusive or politically offensive language - Messages which contain excessive and pointless swearing, or insults aimed at other people, or politically offensive language will be removed.
  3. Mild bad language - Messages with bad language in the title or starter post will also be removed no matter how serious and relevant the topic is. This is done because thread titles are picked up more readily by search engines. This rule includes The Pub and also includes bad language where an ast*risk has been used to disguise it.
  4. Political Propoganda - We don't allow people to use the forums to promote extreme political messages. Controversial topics are suitable for discussion, but people who persistently start posts on the same extreme political topic will be banned from posting.
  5. Private information - Please don't post private/personal information about people you know without asking their permission first. This includes posting the contents of emails without getting permission of the sender.
  6. FAO Threads - Please don't start threads with the title 'FAO xxxx'. If your post really is only "For the Attention of xxxx" then send them an email. If it isn't then title it something that fits in with the concept 'forum'.
  7. Personal relationship issues - This is a public forum and not the place for discussing specific personal relationship issues. We will not tolerate the practice of starting a thread under the pretext that it is a general relationship discussion, yet in reality it refers to a specific issue between two or more individuals.
  8. 'Lads' Style Postings - The forum is read by both men and women. Please refrain from crude and sexist comments about other posters, profile photographs or people in the wider media.
  9. Looking for a fight - Threads which set out to look for trouble, invariably create trouble. Don't start them, we don't want them on the forums.
  10. Unqualified links - Posts of just a link can cause problems since the content isn't obvious and people can end up going places they don't expect to. Please state what the link is about and warn people if it contains something which might be undesirable eg. loud auto-playing sound files, unpleasant images or offensive language. Do not attach the words 'not work safe' to a post. If it isn't work safe, then don't post it.
  11. Chatting with your mates - The forum has thousands of readers every day. Please don't waste up valuable space by posting your personal messages to your mates - use email for this type of communication.
  12. Blank Discussion Posts - Please don't start posts with single short controversial statements followed by the word 'discuss', or blank except for a link to a controversial article on another site. If it is a topic for discussion then please add some 'discussion'. Topics like this will either be removed or closed to replies.
  13. Dodgy links - Anyone posting links to pornographic, racist or other offensive web sites will be banned permanently from the forums without us issuing a warning. It is not acceptable to attach the words 'not work safe' to a post. If it isn't work safe, then don't post it.
  14. 'Clone Posts' - Please don't post repeat threads with subtle changes to the title. Although these can sometimes be humorous, they tend to spawn other people doing the same thing which rapidly overruns the forum lists and is a lot of work to moderate.

Promotion, Research, Surveys, Advertising, Other Websites and Blogs

  1. Promotion and Advertising - We don't allow any advertising direct onto the forums - commercial, non-commercial or charity. For specific cases - see below. For general information on how to advertise direct on the forums, read about Premier Posts.
  2. Event promotion - If you have an event to promote - free, charitable or commercial - then please take advantage of our free event listings by using this form. If you would like more promotion than this then you can make your event into a Premier Event listing by taking out a Premier Post at the events rate. We may consider promoting certain charity events at the charity rate but please contact us first. We concentrate our support on charities associated with mountains and the outdoors.
  3. Your own web site or blog - If you wish to promote your web site or blog then please use a Premier Post. If your web site or blog is not commercial, with no adverts or sponsors, then we may allow a free post but we would appreciate that you contact us first before posting. If your reason for linking to your site is because you wish to get your writing read by a larger audience then please consider submitting your article to for publication.
  4. Market research - Threads asking for feedback on potential business ideas, or threads that are carrying out actual market research, should be posted as Premier Posts at the 'Market research' rate.
  5. Surveys and study work - We allow some non-commercial surveys, or study projects, but please contact us first before posting. Surveys must not be carried out on the forums directly and should be linked back to external survey sites. General discussion surveys may be allowed on the forums but only if strictly non-commercial. You must be a proper registered user before we will allow a survey. Any survey posted without permission will be removed.
  6. Web addresses in thread titles - This technique has been used by companies to get free publicity by registering and making fake posts asking about the retailer in question. All posts with web addresses in titles will be viewed suspiciously because of this and are very likely to get removed.
  7. Third party commercial web sites - Because of abuse of the forums by people in the past, we don't allow starter posts and thread titles linking to third party commercial sites even if you have absolutely no connection with the site in question. If you wish to alert users of a potentially good deal then please recommend to the site you are linking to that they consider advertising on
  8. Complaints about third party businesses - UKClimbing Ltd has significant legal responsibility for everything posted on Public complaints should be a last resort and individuals need to have taken up their complaints with the business and exhausted all other avenues before making their complaint public. We can't afford to take the risk of being held legally responsible for libel hence we must be consulted before you post threads that put UKClimbing Ltd. into such a position. In situations where users wish to alert other users to potentially bad practice in other businesses then we need to be consulted first and furnished with all the facts.
  9. Looking for a job - Requests for employment are considered as commercial posts so please use a Premier Post.
  10. Finding a bargain/service - The forums are not a bulletin board for short-cut reverse adverts for services, accommodation or bargains. If you want to find accommodation then please use the Classifieds page or Google to search.
  11. Advertising for partners for MIA or MIC Training - We allow climbers to use the Partners Forum to offer free guiding to help them gain the experience to get their MIA or MIC qualifications, but please contact us first before posting since we require that you include some disclaimer text with your post. If you wish to charge for guiding then please use a Premier Post.
  12. For Sale Forum (read here) - We don't allow single sales, or groups of items, totaling more than £100 on the For Sale forum. This includes all private accommodation adverts even if the weekly rent is less than £100. Put a value in when posting and ask for a price you are willing to accept. If the price you ask is fake, or not realistic, and you ask for offers in the post text, or include extra items for sale, then your post will be removed. We don't allow posts to link or refer to sales taking place on eBay or other auction sites unless they are Premier Posts. Please use a Premier For Sale Post in these cases and also when your item(s) is priced at more than £100.

Posting Style

  1. UPPERCASE - Please don't write in UPPERCASE. Topic titles and whole messages that are all in UPPERCASE are considered to be the written version of SHOUTING, and are harder to read than normally-written text.
  2. Quote carefully - Please don't over-use the quoting feature - most replies won't need to quote anything. Lots of unnecessary quoting results in long pages that take ages to download and read. However, do use this function if you are replying to a post several pages higher in the thread.
  3. Topic hijack - Try to stay on a topic, and don't turn (for example) a light-hearted thread into a serious discussion, or spoil a good climbing discussion with lots of light-hearted nonsense. If you want to discuss something different, then start a new topic yourself.
  4. Unclear thread titles and half question thread titles - Please try and use a thread title which tells people what to expect in a thread. Don't try and get people to read your thread by giving it a title with half a question, or a sensationalist statement. Thread titles like this may be edited to make them clearer.
  5. The Starting Out Forum - The Starting Out forum is often where people make their first posts, and sometimes the questions can get repetitive. Try and answer questions positively, if you can't do that, then leave it to someone who can. We were all beginners once.
  6. The UKH Forum - The forum used by UKH Staff for News Items, Articles and to make general announcements and is heavily moderated. Please try and stay on topic and avoid being up deliberately provocative discussions. These forum messages are embedded in to our News and Articles pages, integrating the forum comments in to the actual editorial parts of the site. Consequently this isn't the place for the "This isn't news", or "I bet it's not really E9", comments. Please keep those to ROCKTALK or one of the other forums.
  7. Thread bumping - Please let threads have a life of their own. We tolerate a small amount of thread bumping but not persistent bumping back to the top, especially on the For Sale forum.

User Profiles

  1. Unregistered users - We do allow unregistered users on certain forums but only to encourage one-time and new users and we ask that users at least include a name and never post more than a couple of times before registering. Unregistered users who use the forums to ask questions, or who make multiple replies to a thread will have their posts removed.
  2. Rude and offensive User Names - Please choose acceptable user names. Rude or provocative names lower the tone of the forum and put off first time visitors from posting.
  3. Commercial User Names - (eg. including the name of your company in your User Name) are only allowed if you take out a Commercial Profile.
  4. Impersonating other users - Anyone found trying to impersonate another user will be banned. If someone is impersonating you then please contact us.
  5. What gets posted under your name - We regard everything that gets posted under a personal profile as having been posted by that person. If others have access to your machine then log out each time you stop using the forums to avoid someone posting something unpleasant under your profile.
  6. Second profiles - It is not necessary to create a second profile to log in from a different computer or location, you can easily do it on the same profile. Check the Help Pages to find out how. Do not create second profiles in order to self-promote, or as an attempt to be anonymous in order to cause trouble.