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On the Trail With Boots McFarland

On the Trail With Boots McFarland

Based on the trail experiences of her creator Geolyn Carvin, Boots McFarland is an outdoor-loving cartoon character who has been hiking the wilds of the US for over 15 years.

My Mountains - Munro Record Holder Hazel Strachan

My Mountains - Munro Record Holder Hazel Strachan

Interview Cholita Climber Lidia Huayllas on Summiting Aconcagua

We recently reported that a group of five Aymara indigenous women from Bolivia - known as cholitas escaladoras, the cholita* climbers - had summited Aconcagua (6961m) in the Argentinian Andes. The cholitas started climbing five years...

Interview Running the Bolivian Andes with Jenny Tough

Keri Wallace talks to Jenny Tough about her 600km fast-packing solo journey through Bolivia. When the going gets tough, the Tough gets going...

Walking for Mental Health - Nature Prescriptions

Beside standard prescriptions, GPs in Shetland have begun handing out leaflets from RSPB Scotland. It's part of a drive...

Skills Gaelic for Hillwalkers

What can a basic understanding of Gaelic add to your hill days in Scotland? Kevin Woods, a student of the language, investigates

My Mountains: Nick Crane

His favourite UK walk is Cadair Idris, and he's never seen harsher conditions than Scotland in January; Fiona Russell talks walking with Nick...

The Mountains of Ireland - A Bumper Guide

The Mountains of Ireland - A Bumper Guide

Ireland has some of the best hillwalking on the planet, but few walkers over here seem to know it. Danny Sercombe and Stephen McAuliffe introduce the key mountain ranges of the Republic and the North.

Walks and Scrambles in Morocco's Anti Atlas

Previously the playground of rock climbers and mountain bikers, the Anti-Atlas has much to offer walkers too. David Wood, author of a new guidebook, describes the huge potential for walking and scrambling in the area

Accident Black Spots in the British Hills

Mountain mishaps can of course happen anywhere, but over the years certain locations have become notorious for accidents. With help from local Mountain Rescue Teams we detail some of the key spots here.

Walking in Straight Lines With the Ordnance Survey

What is Great Britain's longest linear walk without meeting a road? The answer to this question recently featured in...

One Minute Mountain: Ben Macdui

Home of Scotland's answer to the Yeti, our second highest mountain is second to none in terms of scale and sub-arctic atmosphere...

Mini Guide: The Carneddau

The Carneddau are Wales' answer to the Cairngorms - a harsh and beautiful plateau of peaks just built for ranging across. Dan Aspel has the...

Photo Feature: Trekking in Tajikistan

Jan Bakker, co-author of the first English guide to Tajikistan, shares some photos of this spectacular country. Looks like we have a...

Fastpacking - A Beginner's Guide

running Fastpacking - A Beginner's Guide

Whether you're a backpacker looking to up your pace, or a runner in search of bigger adventures, fastpacking could be for you, says Lily...

rescue How to Save a Life With a Flapjack – Diabetes on the Hill

People with diabetes can - and should - enjoy hillwalking as much as anyone. But if a member of your party had a problem with their blood sugar, would you know how to help...?

skills Tips and Tricks for Navigating in the Dark

Finding your way around the hills at night can be a challenge. These simple techniques recommended by Mountain Leaders could make all the difference

Top Tips Ten Top Tips for Buying Winter Boots

Whether you're a winter walker or a winter climber, buying the right boot can be bewildering, so MIC Jake Phillips has some advice to help you make that crucial decision.

running 15 Tips for Stronger Uphills

Trail running guru Claire Maxted offers tips on how to make ascents more efficient and less painful. And here's the thing: they mostly work for walkers too!

dogs Winter Walking With Your Dog

running Don't Fear Failure - How to Learn From a Hill Racing DNF

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Hauling someone from a crevasse

comedy Eight Things They Never Told You About Mountain Navigation

DIGITAL FEATURE: Marmot Photography Awards 2017

Photo Awards Marmot Photography Awards 2017

DIGITAL FEATURE: Marmot Photography Awards 2016

Photo Awards Marmot Photography Awards 2016

DIGITAL FEATURE: Helen Mort - No Map Could Show Them

Profiles Helen Mort - No Map Could Show Them

DIGITAL FEATURE: Starlight and Storm: Alison Hargreaves and Tom Ballard

Profiles Starlight and Storm: Alison Hargreaves and Tom Ballard

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