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All-weather adventures are catered for with Primus multifuel stoves...

When it is just you and your backpack in the great outdoors, miles away from civilisation, you need to know you can rely on your kit to perform 100% of the time. Swedish stove expert Primus has more than 125 years of expertise under its belt and its advanced multifuel stoves are fantastic examples of the brand's quality and attention to detail. Designed to be used with virtually any type of fuel, the Omnifuel and Omnilite TI can be trusted to perform in extreme temperatures and different altitudes all around the world.

Omnifuel £195

Primus' most award-winning stove ever, the powerful and robust Omnifuel has been tested extensively over many years and has accompanied adventurers on countless expeditions. The stove's durable construction features folding legs and pan supports meaning it won't take up excess room inside your backpack. Designed to work with a variety of fuels, the Omnifuel comes with different jets to help you achieve maximum performance and fuel efficiency. When not in use, the spare jets screw in securely onto the stove's legs so that they are safe and always close to hand. For peace of mind, the stove also comes with a tool that allows users to strip them down and clean or make any necessary repairs while out in the field.

Omnilite TI £215

Featuring the same award-winning technology featured on the Omnifuel, the ultralight Omnilite TI weighs just 230g and offers outstanding fuel efficiency. With strong yet lightweight Titanium legs and stove body, the Omnilite TI runs off almost any fuel – gas, petrol, diesel, kerosene, paraffin or even aviation fuel! Like the Omnifuel it is supplied with extra fuel jets so you can maximise your stove's performance depending on what fuel type is available.

The large control knob means it easy to adjust stove's output, even when wearing gloves, and the stove's pan supports have serrated tops to help pans stay stable while cooking. When not in use, the compact stove folds away into a handy carry bag.

Designed in Stockholm by a dedicated R&D team, all Primus stoves are produced in Europe and individually lit and fire tested before they leave the factory. Both the Omnifuel and the Omnilite TI also come with an expedition service warranty that ensures your stove will join you for many years of expeditions into the great outdoors.

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