PRIMUS launches EtaSolo Stove: integrated, compact, lightweight

PRIMUS launches EtaSolo Stove: integrated, compact, lightweight #1  © Rosker

Compact, lightweight and low fuel

The PRIMUS EtaSolo is based on the award winning Eta technology of our Primus burner and heat exchanger. Its high efficiency rate assures fast boiling times and lower fuel consumption. The EtaSolo is stable in windy conditions, lightweight, and extremely compact. Quick and easy to set up thanks to its robust quickclick locking mechanism. The 0.9 l pot comes with a removeable wrap-around heat resistant cover with sure-grip handle. The pot's lid has a special opening for drinking hot brews. The burner and a 100 g gas cartridge can all be securely stowed away in the pot.

What do you get: a burner with piezo ignition, base with windscreen, 0.9l hard anodized pot with volume measurements, Eta technology heat exchanger, lid with sipper, cartridge footrest, suspension kit, detachable pan supports for using larger pots and heat resistant cover with grip handle. All components including a 100g gas cartridge [not included] can pack into the pot.

Designed in line with Primus' Total Weight Concept its efficiency is down to Eta technology, closed burner and windscreen meaning a 100g gas cartridge delivers enough fuel for approximately one hour cooking time, sufficient for a whole weekend trip. It's lightweight too weighing just 365g excluding gas cartridge and it has a small pack volume at 4.1” x 6.1”.

What's more, it's safe and easy to use with a durable EasyClick lock system and simply operated piezo-ignition.

Available from the end of May from many retail stores nationwide. Also soon available will be the Eta Solo Tactical in black/grey. SRP: £80.

Look out for the review and the chance to win an EtaSolo.


"So, you've probably noticed that the EtaSolo prototype looks remarkably similar to another integrated canister stove we all know and love.

Well, the similarity goes well beyond looks. Here's the scoop, from Primus.

Primus originally was making the burners for Jetboil, but Jetboil decided to source them elsewhere to save some money. The new burners had problems (there was a recall in January). So, some Primus retailers asked if Primus would build a comparable stove... hence, the EtaSolo"

For more information visit PRIMUS

4 May, 2010
Why do I have a feeling these will be referred to among climbers as the 'Primus Jetboil'?
4 May, 2010
@ Primus: To slow, just bought a jet boil last month...
4 May, 2010
Seriously though, isn't that just a jetboil?
4 May, 2010
Pretty much, but hopefully more robustly put together - better pietzo, and what appears to be a better locking mechanism. The only omission is a cup a la the Jetboil which protects the windscreen and heat exchanger in transit (you'd be a bit buggered if you couldn't connect pot to stove!), and the general usefulness of having a cup. I wish they'd (Jetboil incl.) do a remote canister attachment - that way you'd get even more out of a canister and reduce the height of the stove, maybe making it more stable.
4 May, 2010
The jetboil burner doesn't have a preheater coil in does it; so most of the reasons for moving to a remote canister are nullified?
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