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Ibex. Made for the mountains.

Durable and adaptable. Rugged and uncomplicated. New 50+10 alpine sack for life above the snow line. Just like an Ibex. Almost.

Things have been going from strength to strength in our UK factory and now we're making another step with rucksacks and a range set to increase in the coming months.

First off the line will be the Ibex, a 50 + 10 litre lightweight alpine climbing sack designed and made here in the UK.

Be quick, pre-order one from this first batch and be one of the initial few taking Ibex out into the hills and mountains.

Our Chief Maker - Ben heads up our UK factory (infact he probably does less making these days and more planning, organising and product development, but anyway...) well he wasn't too pleased when he saw we'd put some cartoon horns on his new Ibex rucksack, but he knows us well enough by now. This is a product very much designed to perform and then made to a high quality by his team. Rock solid construction, uncompromising, durable materials and keen attention to detail. A UK made rucksack of the highest quality and ready for the serious stuff.

A lightweight (1450g) beast of burden. Big enough to gobble up your rack, ropes, helmet, harness, extra layers, a sausage roll, and camping equipment, yet light and trim enough for you to stomp up a snow encrusted Scottish gully. For extra streamlining, Ibex can be fully stripped back to make a minimal and lightweight sack: take off the lid, straps, waist belt and back stiffener and it weighs in at 795 grams.

The main compartment is constructed from VX21 for its great strength to weight properties. The base is made of 500D Cordura for a balance of abrasion resistance and weight. The main compartment can be extended for extra capacity and cinched closed with the drawcords. The drawcord sleeve is also reinforced for added durability - talk about attention to detail! A compression strap over the top provides an attachment point for a coiled rope, waterproof, or fleece. Ibex is available in two back lengths because people have different length backs and, if you are climbing you may want to wear it higher up your back for mobility.

We started making at our UK HQ back in 2009 with bespoke products to support our Alpkiteers heading off on wild adventures such as the 300 mile Iditarod Invitational in Alaska. Well the UK factory soon developed and at the start of 2012 we brought production of our bouldering mats in house and quickly started producing a full range of bike luggage too. With the popularity of the bike luggage and bouldering pads we're certainly excited about where this can go and our little factory is set to move again very soon, not very far, infact pretty much next door to our HQ. What it will do is give some breathing space as we look to scale up production and introduce new products over the coming year.

In the meantime though, they have just got time to pull through a initial batch of these Ibex, so if you're quick you can get in a pre-order for one off this limited first run.

Some key features...

  • 25 Year Alpine Bond
  • 500D Cordura base and VX21 panels chosen to balance weight and durability
  • Detachable VX21 lid with large main compartment and zipped valuables pocket
  • Detachable waist belt with hip stabilising straps
  • Chest strap with vertical and horizontal adjustability
  • Extension chimney lets you carry more stuff
  • Thermo-formed shoulder straps with top stabilising straps
  • Thermo-formed back panel in 2 sizes with removeable back stiffener
  • All contact points bar-tacked and webbing sewn into seams for strength
  • 4 side compression straps with 25 mm Duraflex S.J. side squeeze buckles
  • Top carry strap for rope / coat
  • Removable ice axe loops and bungee straps
  • Hydration port
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16 Jun, 2017
What happened to the brand that used to offer competitive prices?
16 Jun, 2017
Is £125 not competitive? I'd say, in the current market, it's about right for the product. If it lasts you a decade, that's good value
16 Jun, 2017
I wonder how long it takes for the pieces to be cut out and sewn together? Do you reckon a machinist can make multiple ones in an hour? I don't know but I doubt it. Then add in all the material costs, and sunk costs like wharehousing, shipping, marketing etc. Alpkit seem to be doing fine, but I doubt they make vast amounts of profit off these, plus they are employing people in manufacturing in the UK, funding their foundation which seems to do great stuff - isn't all that the type of stuff we should approve of?
17 Jun, 2017
I really rate Alpkit and use several of their products. A more simplistic Gourdon, say between 30 - 50L, with alpine attachments, would have been a logical 'niche' product. This pack is what Berghaus, Lowe Alpine, Karrimor, made in the 90's, a workhorse you could load up, stuff plastics into, a monster! Less is more, alpinism has moved on........ Stuart
17 Jun, 2017
I guess It depends how good it is, I am hoping to see a POD Sac equivalent at some point. This looks pretty close!
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