Zero-G Climbing So what exactly does the G in G-String stand for?

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So what exactly does the G in G-String stand for? #1 So what exactly does the G stand for in G-String?

Initially it was for Gravity - the same as Zero-G but as time as moved on and our ropes have been used more and more we have changed our mind and decided that the G stands for GREAT! In fact, it should be called the GGGG-String as it has continually proved itself to perform with Great Impact Force rating, Great Knotability measurement, Great flexibility of lengths and finishes and above all Great value.

Anyone who uses this dynamic half rope will be impressed with its handling and considering it is £20 to £40 less than the SRP's of its competitors out there it offers a fantastic specification for the price:

Both ends have a 15mm compact finish where the core strands and sheath are ultrasonically welded into one unit which simply eliminates sheath slippage in those zones and check out the impact force too. A super low rating of 5.5kn means that when you choose a G-String rope you can be confident of your rope absorbing a huge amount of the shock of the fall, this means that less is transferred on to you and your very delicate body enabling you to get yourself back upright, swear, shake out and (after thoroughly checking your rope:-)) get back on the rock for another go. All this AND a low knotability factor at a flextastic 0.8 tells you that your G-String will happily flow through any belay device and submit handsomely to any dynamic belay you care to tie.

Our standard finish ropes use a technologically advanced impregnation process to offer a good degree of both water and abrasion resistance and are available in 50m & 60m lengths. They are ideal for great protection on trad and traverse routes but if you are wanting something for Alpine routes, Scottish winter knarliness or simply a harder wearing rope for frequent use then the Super Dry version is for you. The Super Dry surface finish is impregnated into the sheath to effectively prevent penetration of water, dust and other particles into the rope sheath.

All that for £95!!!! Truly, if you are looking for a great rope at great value then grab yourself a G-String.

  • Weight: 46gm
  • Length: 30m, 50m & 60m


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1 Oct, 2009
I have to say that I bought a pair of these for our club because they were the cheapest we could find. I have been pleasantly surprised by them - they are actually really good. So good that we have bought more of them, and at least 2 individuals have bought them for their own use.

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