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Edelrid Harrier 10mm (RRP: £155 - 60m)
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Winter climbing brings with it a unique set of challenges, not least in terms of the effects it can have on your rope. Extended use in wet or snowy conditions can result in the fibres becoming saturated by excess moisture, leading to a rope that takes a long time to dry out and suffers from a reduced lifespan.

In order to tackle the challenges of winter head-on, selected Edelrid ropes feature their own proprietary Dry Shield treatment. Put simply Dry Shield is a chemical finish applied directly to the yarns of the sheath. This finish provides a hydro and oleo-phobic coating that repels moisture and oils – the end result being a rope that won't get wet or dirty, ensuring a longer active lifespan.

With performance in mind the Dry Shield treatment is applied to all of Edelrid's Pro Line and Dry Line ropes. The Pro Line series are focused on minimising weight and diameter without compromising performance – perfect for when every gram counts. The Dry Line series are high-performance all-rounders with a wide variety of end uses providing the right balance of weight, strength and durability.

All of Edelrid's ropes with Dry Shield treatment are Bluesign certified, making Edelrid the first rope manufacturer to audit and guarantee their environmental responsibility. Learn more about Edelrid ropes by visiting the website below.

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