Metolius Safetech Helmet

With its strong ABS shell, EPS liner and soft cradle aids, our Safetech Helmet offers incomparable protection. There is exceptional ventilation and a slide adjuster at the rear avoids the catching of long hair.

  • Vastly increased protection of a full EPS liner with the durability of a hard ABS shell
  • Provides dual protection from rock fall as well as impacts sustained during a fall
  • 80% of head injuries are sustained by falling
  • Exceptional ventilation to keep you cool
  • One size: 21"- 23.5" (53.5 - 60 cm)
  • Weight: 13.4 oz. (380 g)
  • UIAA/CE certified

NEW Safetech helmet!! #2  © Metolius Climbing
NEW Safetech helmet!! #1

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14 Nov, 2011
"Incomparable" (ie: no other helmet on the market even comes close to offering the same) protection? That's quite a claim.
14 Nov, 2011
"Incomparable" Using a totally non-standard testing protocol ;-)
14 Nov, 2011
I think it was a Mtn Equipment jacket on here the other day that was also described as giving "incomparable" levels of protection to other jackets. It looked a very nice jacket, but that still seemed a bit of a claim! Of course logic suggests that if all other helmets give, lets say, 8x to 10x levels of protection, if one model gave "incomparable" levels of protection to all other helmets, it could be that's because it gives 1x levels; although I'm sure that's not what Metolius's UK chaps want to be suggesting here! :-) More seriously, it looks a good helmet although I it's a bit heavier than the average these days. Although knowing you have some more protection may well compensate for the extra weight.

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