Edelrid Shield II Helmet

Edelrid are updating their well-respected and long-established range of climbing helmets with the addition of the Shield II – a lightweight, 'soft shell' style helmet with a number of practical features.

Shield II - Red/Sahara  © Edelrid GmbH
Shield II - Red/Sahara
© Edelrid GmbH
Shield II - Pebbles/Oasis  © Edelrid GmbH
Shield II - Pebbles/Oasis
© Edelrid GmbH

Having listened to feedback from sponsored athletes and other climbers the Shield II features Edelrid's new 'Wing-Fit' system, so-called because of the twin reinforcements at the base of the cradle that resemble a pair of wings. They support an easy-adjust dial that makes it simple to tighten or loosen the fit as required. The cradle can also be folded away, making it easier to pack and transport the Shield II when not in use.

The Shield II weighs in at 280g for the size small (accommodating head measurements between 46-55cm) and 300g for the size large (accommodating head measurements between 53-62cm). In addition it features a comfortable side fastening chin strap, integrated vents that allow for a cooling inflow of air as well as dual frontal and rear clips for affixing a head lamp.

The Shield II is available now from select UK retailers.

For more information visit Edelrid

13 Jun, 2012
A soft shell helmet! What would we do without marketing?
13 Jun, 2012
Looks good and I'm in the market for a new helmet. Need to track down a stockist now.
14 Jun, 2012
I have one on review for UKC currently, so far it seems like a really decent competitor to the Meteor. Fits my head very well, but not so good on others, vice versa with the Grivel Airtec that I'm also reviewing. This and the next shot show it in action on your's truely's head! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150960297612959&set=a.10150960294457959.480371.764542958&type=3
14 Jun, 2012
I suppose its sort of true, but agree it doesn't sound brilliant. :)
14 Jun, 2012
I wasn't meaning to be too facetious, I'm just a bit confused as to what it actually means. A softshell jacket compromises waterproofness in exchange for breathability, so what does a softshell helmet compromise and what benefits does it get from doing so? Either that or it's just a case of someone thinking softshells are quite popular with the kids these days so lets call it that. Ben
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