Pact Coffee: lovingly hand-roasted in London

Pact Coffee are on a mission to get you drinking the best coffee you’ve ever made.

Their world-class beans are lovingly hand-roasted in London with each bag ground to suit your brew method at the very last minute to ensure maximum freshness. Their premises is on the same site as The Arch, so having the climbing wall so close means that most of the staff can squeeze in a session during lunch, just so that they're ready for another climb in the evening.

Pact’s service is completely flexible, so you can set your delivery preferences to suit the amount you drink. Request a spur-of-the-moment, next-day delivery when you’re running low, or pause deliveries if you’ve got all you need.

The V60, a Pact favorite! It’s an iconic symbol of the speciality coffee world and brings out bright flavours from the coffee. Its maker, Hario, is an award-winning and well respected designer of coffee ware.

Sign up now with code UKC195 to be receive your V60 brew kit free of charge with your first bag of Pact coffee.

Don't worry if you haven't used a V60 before, here's a little video Will, Pact’s very own Head of Coffee, put together showing you how to get the best brew out of your V60.

With a Pact subscription, you’ll never run out of fresh coffee again and with their flexible service you can amend your orders at any time.

Simply visit and enter the code UKC195 to claim your free V60kit and 250g bag for £6.95.


For more information visit Pact Coffee

19 Feb, 2015
Ok so they are paying for this ad and that's what makes UKC tick financially, but, How on earth can this be considered climbing gear? Some people say they need coffee to function in the mornings, most people also have a crap in the mornings so should we expect to see Andrex ads on UKC?
19 Feb, 2015
"£6.95 for 250g of ground coffee. Now that's value for money". Said no one ever. You can get similar filters cheaper and nice coffee at a third of the price.
19 Feb, 2015
And with an instructive video showing how to use the lovingly crafted bog paper.
19 Feb, 2015
Indeed. Does someone at UKC know these folks by any chance?
19 Feb, 2015
They have 'spotted' a market - similar article appearing
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