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The Micro Vario Carbon [£164.95] walking pole is always a first choice – no matter whether trekking, multi-day cabin touring or heading up fixed-rope routes. Featuring LEKI's new ELD technology, the Micro Vario Carbon poles just got smaller, lighter and even better.

This lightweight, 240g folding pole is made of 100 per cent carbon and is equipped with LEKI's quick and easy-to-use Speed Lock 2 external adjustment system. Enabling it to be variably adjusted from 110 to 130cm depending on height and terrain.

LEKI's new, technically sophisticated External Locking Device (ELD) system gives walkers even faster and simpler handling when folding. The small silver lever on the ELD makes the mechanism easily visible - loosening the cable at the push of a button; allowing a quick assemble or dis-assemble, even when wearing gloves. Once folded, the poles are small and lightweight enough to fit into hand luggage or a backpack.

The edgeless, ultralight Aergon grip on the pole handles fits palm-perfect and saves even more weight thanks to its shell cavity construction. The grip extension provides variable gripping options and added comfort, particularly when travelling over varying terrain. And the LEKI Skin Strap is highly breathable.

LEKI has designed a whole family of models around the Micro Vario Carbon. A specific ladies' version with a shorter length (100-120cm). The AS version is equipped with an effective anti-shock effect; increasing comfort on hard surfaces, especially when going downhill. And the Micro Vario Carbon Strong is an extra sturdy version with a larger diameter (20/18/16mm) and longer length adjustment (120 to 140cm).

LEKI's External Locking Device offers even more stability and safety. A high-performance tensioning cable offers lifelong fibre protection. The lower segment spring ensures optimum tension and automatic cable length compensation. And special aluminium sleeves protect the highly-modular carbon fibres and ensure a perfect inter-segment connection.

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9 May

A hundred and sixty quid.....BLIMEY!

9 May

Must be for a six-pack... Surely no-one's daft enough to part with that kinda money for one stick

10 May

Don't look as nice as the old version, bit cheap and plastic like for €165

Also beware thinking you can take this style of pole as hand luggage, I've heard that they could be classed as an offensive weapon by the airlines , you wouldn't want them confiscated, that would be painful

10 May

I really don't understand the price of walking poles nowadays!? It's become ridiculous! I was looking at upgrading my old Leki poles. They are just box standard cheap jobs, but do the job. I just thought I'd go for something lighter, with a more comfortable grip, but couldn't justify the price tag!

10 May

It seems to be a case of trying to over engineer a really simple product.....and give it a hefty price tag. Will they help you walk faster/ balance across streams etc better than much cheaper alternatives?

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