Lemon Sole Spray Review

There are two reasons I don’t get my climbing shoes resoled. They have either completely lost their shape or they are so unbearably smelly it would be inhumane to make some poor sod fix new rubber to them. But having tried Lemon Sole, it may be time for cobblers (and my Mrs) to breathe easy again.

Based on six essential oils, Lemon Sole is a scented anti-fungal, anti-bacterial spray you can use on your climbing shoes, walking boots, running shoes or casual footwear - wherever you feel needs it (and where doesn't?!).

"A superb little product that I can’t really fault"

It comes in a convenient sized 60ml spray bottle that you can easily keep in your climbing bag. It’s best used as a preventative rather than a solution to bad smelling shoes, say Lemon Sole, so using it from the start when you get new shoes is advised.

Martin's shoes are indeed unbearably smelly - Victoria can vouch for that!

The shoes I’ve been using for this test are my older pair of Scarpa Vapor V which are well worn, and a new pair of Five Ten Anasazi Pinks brand new for this test. The Vapors I’ve been wearing since March and were starting to get to the stage where they smell even before putting them on at the start of the session.

After using Lemon Sole for a few months, I’ve been very impressed by the results. The Vapor’s smell of old boots has diminished and is much more tolerable. The Anasazi’s, which have been been sprayed since new, smell positively pleasant. The most notable point is that you don’t need to spray each time you get your boots out. The spray lasts a surprisingly long time, anywhere up to a few days during regular use to a week if they have been stored in a bag.

To round up, this stuff works, and it works well! It’s small and convenient to store in a bag that goes down the climbing wall with you. One spray every few days is generally all that is needed - and it smells great. A superb little product that I can’t really fault.

Lemon Sole say:

Lemon Sole product shot  © Lemon Sole

It's the bacteria that live on our feet that end up making our shoes smell. They love our feet and once we've warmed up our shoes and they get a little damp from sweat, it makes a great place for them to set up home.

The anti-bacterial effect of the essential oils in Lemon Sole prevent the bacteria from being able to live in your shoes. It's that simple and its nature's solution. You can't stop bacteria living on your feet but you can make your shoes an inhospitable place for them which keeps them stink free and smelling great.

  • Long lasting - Lemon Sole used regularly will form a longer term prevention of shoe odour. As the oils won't evaporate from the shoe they will impregnate the insole with an anti-bacterial barrier.
  • Deodorising - Three of the oils have natural deodorising properties which will help deal with any smells the shoe had before you started using Lemon Sole. Bergamot in particular is a powerful deodorising agent.
  • Anti-fungal properties - The oils in Lemon Sole are also natural anti-fungal agents. Shoes are a recognised incubation place for the athlete's foot fungus. In fact, shoes can carry fungi for quite some time until conditions are good for growth and transfer to the foot. Regular use of Lemon Sole can help reduce the likelihood of athlete's foot by making the shoes an inhospitable environment for fungi.

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For more information visit got to lemon-sole.com

20 Aug, 2016
I can't help thinking of that rather delicious fish dish, lemon sole.