Primus launches award-winning Winter Gas

Primus launches award-winning Winter Gas  © Rosker
The Inside of a Primus Winter Gas Canister
Everybody who has used a gas cartridge stove in cold conditions knows the lower the temperature, the poorer the performance of the stove. This is because liquefied gas doesn't evaporate properly the colder it gets.

Primus Winter Gas improves the performance of LP gas cartridges at temperatures down to -22 degrees C.  After 60 minutes of cooking, a Primus Winter gas cartridge is approximately 9% more powerful than one without Vapour Mesh.  After 120 minutes of use it delivers about 15% more power.  Primus Winter Gas comes in brown  230g or 450g cartridges of LP gas.

For further information please visit the Primus Website.

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24 Nov, 2014
Basically making liquid fuel stoves redundant, unless you're going to the north pole or routinely siphon jet fuel after crashing behind enemy lines. One question though - why brown???
25 Nov, 2014
Looks like sh1t so you are not tempted to lick it at twenty below.
25 Nov, 2014
Liquid is still a lot cheaper to run, if you run your stove a lot.
25 Nov, 2014
In winter I use a standard cartridge in conjunction with a piece of copper wire to pre-heat the cannister. You probably wouldn't get the risk assessment passed by you local gas stove/cannister inspector but it's certainly effective if done correctly.

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