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Exposure Lights

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2am on the Cuillin Ridge  © Dan Bailey

Compact Headtorches

Modern front-mounted headtorches are neat and lightweight, yet pack enough power for most needs. Here we look in depth at five alternatives across the price spectrum.

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Exposure lights thumbnail  © Dan Bailey

Exposure Headtorches

Made in the UK, these units are small, rugged and very powerful. But is this the perfect mountain torch? Dan Bailey has reservations

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HT1000  © Exposure Lights

Exposure Lights launch new HT1000 & HT500 Head Torches

Exposure Lights will be a new name to many, but the introduction of their HT1000 and HT500 Head Torches should raise a few eyebrows amongst a more discerning audience. Boasting an impressive potential of up to 1000 lumens all within a 145g body, t...

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