Exposure Lights launch new HT1000 & HT500 Head Torches Product News

HT1000 (RRP £150)

Exposure's new lightweight HT1000 offers power, durability and weight saving that's only possible from precision machined aluminium, advanced Cree LEDs and quality, rechargeable, lithium-ion batteries. Robust aluminium engineering and long battery life make the head torch extremely versatile.

Developed alongside professional adventurers and search and rescue teams, Exposure has designed the light to offer an effective range of brightness, with a maximum 1000 lumens and 125-meter beam distance, through to a 48-hour tent mode.

Although 1000 lumens may be above and beyond the normal requirements for climbing, camping and walking, the high-power versatility means you can checking your route before you take it, lighting up a route from below whilst you climb it or could prove invaluable in a SAR. The light can also be easily attached to climbing helmets with its flexible band and silicone beading to prevent slipping.

HT1000 in use The HT1000 has the advantage of offering long runtimes when used on lower power modes. For example, you can run 250 lumens for 6 hours which is generally considered enough light for trail running.

The high capacity lithium ion battery ensures the HT will last the duration of your adventure before a charge is even required. If you plan on using the light regularly the USB charging makes it simple and easy to top up just about anywhere, in the car, at home or by portable power bank.

The rear battery unit evenly distributes the weight between the front and back of your head and combines with the reflective band for a stable, adjustable comfort. Exposure's patent-pending program selection and colour-coded battery feedback allow you to fine-tune the light to your needs, whatever the length or terrain of your expedition and a regulated beam guarantees a constant level of power throughout.

IPX5 certifies confidence in the build quality, keeping it dry and working effectively in the most extreme weather conditions. In case of an emergency, HT can be switched into a strobe for extended runtime alerting to your position, or SOS mode to signal distress. Visible well over 3 miles away at night it could prove your best chance of getting found, day or night.

Supplied with a washable, squashable headband, the HT1000 is very comfortable to wear with lightweight minimalist brackets that allow the position of the beam to be quickly adjusted with a single hand whilst on the move.

The HT1000 can be used as a helmet light for cycling or attached to any existing GoPro mounts, adding to the overall versatility.

The ability to add an extra battery pack (supplied separately) to the HT1000 offers a runtime extension of up to 5.5 hours on maximum output and can be easily stowed in a backpack as it is supplied with a 110cm extension cable.

The Boost Cable accessory (supplied separately) allows the user to use the HT1000 as a separate battery pack to charge a mobile device.

The durable, long lasting HT1000 looks set to be the next 'must have' for extreme adventures.

HT1000 Modes

HT1000 Head torch Specifications:

  • Max Lumens: 1000
  • Min Lumens: 50
  • Weight with head band: 145g
  • Head diameter: 28mm
  • IP Rating: IPX5
  • Li-ion battery (rechargeable): 3100mAh
  • Charge time: 3.5 hr

HT500 (RRP £100)

Engineered to be a super compact and lightweight high-power head torch, the HT500 emits up to 465 lumens from a single Cree LED. Protected in a lightweight aluminium head it balances power and weight perfectly.

The ultra-light carbon fibre battery unit evenly distributes the weight between the front and the back of the head for a feel of comfort and stability rarely found in such powerful head torches.

The HT500 has an easily adjusted front mounted switch and a colour coded battery feedback system, which illuminates through the lens when the light is switched off. Exposure's battery feedback and patent-pending program selection are vital when on longer expeditions that require high usage and fewer recharge opportunities, letting the user select the appropriate modes to suit the duration of their trip.

The USB micro charge port, also located on the front of the torch, means that the charging capabilities truly are universal as any micro USB charger can be used.

The reflective Exposure headband adds to overall stability, eliminating the need for an overhead strap, whilst also providing a highly visible halo if out running in urban areas.

IPX5 water resistance means you can walk through the rain without fear of being left in the dark and if you get in trouble the torch can be switched into a strobe for extended runtime alerting to your position, or SOS mode to signal distress.

The regulated output ensures you have a constant, level brightness from the LED with an easily adjustable beam position. A GoPro clip attachment makes it easy to attach to existing GoPro mounts for added usability on helmets or handlebars.

The lightweight, long-lasting HT500 looks set to be the next 'must have' for the serious adventurer set on maximum weight saving with optimum power. RRP £100

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