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Wide, narrow, high, flat… our feet come in all shapes and sizes and no single style of boot or shoe will be the right shape for every foot. The team at Hanwag are passionate that the perfect fit is a fundamental basis of any great pair of walking boots. For this reason, they manufacture their advanced range of outdoor footwear on a variety of different-shaped Lasts that are tailored to suit both different foot shapes and activities.

Many of Hanwag's most popular boots are available in a range of different fits that make it easier to find the perfect pair for your foot-shape without compromising on performance. The collection includes Wide fit, Narrow fit and even a unique Bunion fit that reduces rubbing around the big toe joint.

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A legendary fit, Hanwag's standard trekking Last is designed to offer the ultimate balance of comfort, underfoot support and precision.

Suffering from rubbing or pressure points at the sides of your feet? Then the Hanwag Wide Last is the choice for you. Unlike many wide-fit boots, Hanwag's Wide models feature a standard heel section, but is wider at the forefoot and ball of the foot. This ensures a secure and comfortable fit with no rubbing, without the risk of the boot being too wide or boat-like around the entire foot.

Is your boot too loose and unsupportive? Does it feel too wide around your feet? If so, Hanwag's Narrow Last is the ideal choice for you. Boots cobbled on this Last provide better support and grip for narrower feet for more security and comfort when tackling uneven terrain.

Bunions affect approximately 15million people in the UK. If you are one of them, Hanwag's range of bunion models is perfect for you. Featured across the range from walking shoes to the advanced Tatra II GTX, the bunion-fit models offer extra space around the big toe joint to reduce pressure and rubbing that can cause major discomfort.

Hanwag also tailor the fit of their Lasts to the activity that boot is designed for. Casual shoes for trail and travel usage are often cobbled on the Straight Fit Last which allows feet to sit as straight as possible for increased comfort.

Hanwag's more technical models are cobbled on its Trekking, Alpine and now the new Alpine Wide Last. Offering the holy grail of comfort and precision in a rock boot, the new Alpine Wide Last offers a close fit yet combines this with a slightly wider forefoot. This alleviates pressure around the toe box and not only helps minimise fatigue but also reduces the risk of frostbite.

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Our latest Makra Combi collection is cobbled on the Alpine Wide last. Visit the Hanwag webiste to find out more:

For more information visit Hanwag
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