New Footwear Spring/Summer '21 Spotlight


In the absence of any trade show this year, we've created our own. Normally, shows tend to focus on products hitting the market in 6 months to a year, but we've asked brands to talk about the new kit available now. In this first round up, we're showing off the latest and greatest in footwear. From climbing shoes, to approach shoes, walking boots, and running shoes, there's something for everyone, and better yet - they're all hitting the shops imminently.

Black Diamond - New Footwear
Boreal - Flyers
Dolomite - Velocissima
Dynafit - New Running Shoes
La Sportiva - Cyklon
La Sportiva - Karacal
La Sportiva - Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX 2
Salewa - New Walking Shoes
Scarpa - Gecko, Spirit and Rapid Approach Shoes
Scarpa - Ribelle Run

10 Mar, 2021

Nice work team and especially Rob - I've sat through some truly awful remote product presentations this last year at work so this was a breath of fresh air in comparison! Nice concise information and practical considerations for all products discussed. Much appreciated!

Thanks Mischa, I was expecting a few character assassinations off the back of this, but I defy anyone to film 80+ of these and remain even vaguely coherent :-)

Whilst Zoom isn't an ideal format, given the current set of circumstances - and the limited number of options available to us as a result - it seemed like a good opportunity to do something proactive (rather than nothing at all). It also gave us a good excuse to shift the focus away from what trade shows like to focus on, which is products that are going to be released in 6-8 months time, to what we - and likely a lot of our audience - want to focus on, which is products that are out now.

We've got a whole load more reports going live over the next week or two, so keep an eye out for those.

If either yourself or anyone else has any questions feel free to post them up here too.

10 Mar, 2021

great stuff, keen to try the new stiff soled unparallel model - a replacement to the blanco?

Yes, there's been a big Blanco shaped hole within the market for a fair few years now, so maybe - just maybe - this will be the answer. It was certainly interesting to see that Five Ten have made the new NIAD Lace (aka. Pink Anasazi Lace replacement) softer, because I'd have thought that would be an unpopular move amongst their fanbase.

No doubt we'll have them in to review sometime over the coming months, so as/when they're in we'll be able to pass further comment.

10 Mar, 2021

great, I'll be keen to see what you think. I hope we are seeing the end to the fashion for making lots of soft shoes !!!

I guess they are ok for indoor climbing ( although even indoors there are some occasions that a bit of a midsole is helpful.

Need a reviewer ?!

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