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The pursuit of innovation is one of the main driving forces in the daily work of SALEWA's product developers. Over the past few years, the South Tyrolean mountain sports specialists have invested heavily in research & development in order to produce highly capable, durable products which mountaineers can completely rely on in their activities.


This innovative hybrid sleeping bag with PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation down blend unites treated water-repellent down and synthetic water-repellent microfibres. The insulation is made from 60% water-repellent down and 40 % hydrophobic fibres. This means the Fusion -8 Hybrid combines the advantages of a down sleeping bag with the advantages of a synthetic fibre sleeping bag and an unbeatable list of features: low weight, warmth, compressibility, the comfort of normal goose down, exceptional warming performance in wet conditions and it dries four times faster than untreated down. What you get with this hybrid insulation is a trailblazing innovation to the market. Even when wet this new composite-design sleeping bag still performs with 94% efficiency.

SALEWA Fusion -8


Who doesn't just wait for that moment when you can change out of your ski boots after a long day of skiing or climbing into more comfortable shoes? This is where the Capsico shines! Developed for maximal comfort with Primaloft insulation to keep you cozy warm and a SALEWA membrane to keep your feet dry making the Capsico the perfect après-ski, climb or walk footwear.

The Capsico Insualted is also a reliable partner when you're en route on snow and ice. Superb comfort is ensured by the high-quality leather and the proven 3F Vario System. . Another special feature is the sole tread profile designed to resemble winter tires, and like a winter tire, it has a soft rubber blend to enable improved traction on cold surfaces.

M's Capsico InsulatedW's Capsico Insulated


Tested and developed in the field by our SALEWA athletes the Quick Screw can be held and placed easily thanks to the ergonomically designed handle. Available in 13cm, 16cm and 19cm lengths the Quick Screw also has an attached protector for the teeth that can be removed with one hand. This innovative ice screw sets new standards in handling and performance:

SAFE – With a compact screw head the climber can easilly place the screw, even in the narrowest openings. The
integrated protector for the cutting teeth prevents injuries and damaged clothing. The protector can easilly be removed
with one hand.

ERGONOMIC – The girp design allows a flowing hand movement during placement thanks to the smaller, easier to handle head design

LIGHTWEIGHT – The all-in-one solution includes a quickdraw, carabiner and carrying device. The new ice screw offers
ergonomic handling while minimizing weight without compromising safety. Simple, efficient handling in placing
the screw saves energy for what really matters: the climbing.

SALEWA Quick Screw

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17 Feb, 2014
Does anyone like the look of these ice screws? Much prefer the look of the speed lights. These just look massively over complicated and heavy.

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