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Pumping out on a blue sheet of ice? The last thing you need is a screw that won't bite or wind in easily. That's why DMM put a lot research and knowledge into designing the Revolution Screws and even more effort went into getting these ideals transferred to production.

It's not easy to build a good screw; you need very good steel for the tube, the outside teeth need to be precision ground so that they both pull in the tube efficiently and hold it firmly when under load, the tube needs to be heat treated so that it offers a perfect balance of hardness and ductility and the inside of the tube needs to be honed to a mirror finish to minimise any frictional resistance when it is being wound into the ice.

With the Revolution Screws we've blended all of those elements to make what we believe is one of the best products out there.

  • The Revolution Ice-Screws are available in 4 different lengths
  • The large clipping eye is easy to use in gloves
  • The highly polished mirror-finish enables slick and smooth winding

Visit the DMM Website for more information

For more information DMM Website

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