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BUILT TO SEND make obsessively engineered rucksacks for alpinists, climbers and ultralight backpackers. Our equipment, which is custom engineered and hand-built, is the ultimate in bombproof simplicity. Our team combines the skills of experienced design engineers, climbers and exceptional craftsmen.

​Our equipment is stripped-down to the minimum, with every superfluous element removed, allowing extraordinary strength and durability in ultralight form. Virtually indestructible, and unmatched in the extreme attention to detail with which they are designed and made, our packs are used by serious climbers on big missions in remote places, and by anyone who admires fine engineering and hand-crafted perfection.

Our X-Series packs are available in various capacities to cover any scenario possibly, from fast-and-light day missions to longer expeditions where extra bivvy and camping gear is needed.

Built to Send - Design 1

The unique BUILT TO SEND mono-shell design makes our packs almost indestructible. The main body is made from a single piece of expedition-grade composite VX42 X-Pac fabric leading to an almost seamless design. The only way of breaking a BUILT TO SEND pack is to tear though one of the toughest materials on the planet. The fabric is 100% waterproof, making our packs extremely weather resistant in rain and snow.

Our contoured shoulder straps and back panel are engineered from a proprietary foam based on a type used in fighter pilot seats. The properties of this foam give it excellent load spreading capability for shoulder straps and belt pads (feature on our X2 and X3 packs), and make the back panel forgiving of poor packing when fully loaded. Shoulder and hip pads are low-profile, for harness compatibility during rock and ice climbing.

Our hardware is custom-designed and engineered from aerospace-grade aluminium, with a hard-anodized coating for extreme durability. Our seam allowances are almost twice the industry standard, and we triple stitch structural seams using V92 bonded polyester thread, exceeding the military specification for safety-critical equipment. Load-rated webbing is bar-tacked for extreme strength. Our unique load-rated haul-system avoids "clusters" on difficult belays with bucket-style belaying (rope flaked directly into pack), allows kit management on tight bivvy ledges and is haul-rated for chimney pitches of when back-cleaning on steep ground (pack can be used as a small haul bag).

BUILT TO SEND packs represent an extreme design-optimization point, stripped down and refined to achieve the epitome of bombproof-yet-ultralight. We hand build our packs in limited numbers in Great Britain, to exacting engineering standards under an ISO 9001 quality system.

Built to Send - Climbing Image


FABRIC. 100% expedition-grade VX42 X-Pac composite fabric.

MONO-SHELL CONSTRUCTION. Unique, almost seamless design for near-indestructibility

HARDWARE. Hard-anodized aerospace-grade aluminium hardware.

SEAMS. Structural seams triple-stitched with V92 bonded polyester thread—higher specification than used in safety-critical military applications.

THREAD. High-strength points (grab-handle/haul loop, shoulder straps, and haul system) bar tacked with V92 thread for load-rated strength.

QUALITY SYSTEM. Individually hand built in Great Britain under an ISO 9001 quality process.

OVERLOAD CAPABILITY. Pack more into base camp or the start of a route, then reduce pack volume by approximately 1/3 for climbing; crossed top compression straps secure large loads.

X-FOLD TOP WITH G-HOOK CLOSURE. Fast access; extremely weatherproof; avoids stress-points in conventional roll-top designs

HAUL-SYSTEM. Our unique top band with integrated load-rated haul-tabs has been designed for big-walling. This system allows the pack to hang "bucket style" from hanging belay stances and cramped bivvy ledges, so you can easily manage your kit and avoid "clusters" by belaying the lead rope or "tag-line" (when big-walling) directly from the pack. The pack is haul-capable (and bombproof enough) for short chimney pitches or when back-cleaning on steep ground—simply clip into the four haul tabs and cut the bag loose.

INTERNAL ZIPPER POCKET. Large internal zippered pocket for keys and valuables.   

LOAD-SPREADING SHOULDER STRAPS. Engineered from proprietary 10 mm foam; ultra-comfortable even under heavy loads; contoured for rock and ice climbing.

FOAM BACK PANEL. Super-comfortable proprietary 10 mm foam, developed from that used in fighter pilot ejector seats.

WIDE WAIST BELT. Wide 50 mm webbing for comfort; this is one of only two places on the pack where we use a plastic side-release buckle to release quickly in an emergency.

WAIST BET PADS. X2 and X3 packs have non-removable pads for comfort and stability with heavy loads; pads are low profile for rock and ice climbing.

STERNUM STRAP. Removable; elastic shock absorption; the second of only two places on the pack where we use a plastic side-release buckle to release quickly in an emergency.

GRAB-HANDLE/HAUL LOOP. Ultra-strong, wider-than-normal, load-rated version of the conventional system.

DOUBLE REINFORCED BASE. Two layers of expedition grade composite fabric make our bases extraordinarily tough.

ICE AXE BLADE RETAINER. Tough 50 mm webbing loop to secure ice axe blades.

UNIQUE ALPINE CUSTOMIZATION SYSTEM. Hard-anodized aerospace-grade aluminium tri-glides give bombproof attachment points to transform your stripped-down climbing/big-wall pack into a fully loaded winter/alpine/ice-climbing pack; customize to the exact requirements of your mission (compression; crampons; ice axes).

Product Specification

Pack X0 X1 X2 X3
Stripped Down Weight   0.83 kg 0.89 kg 0.95 kg 1.065 kg
Weight With Accessory Pack 0.96 kg 1.03 kg 1.08 kg 1.205 kg
Capacity          25 litres 30 litres 30 litres 50 litres
Overload Capacity      35 litres 42 litres 42 litres 65 litres

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9 Aug, 2023

And UKC has one on test! So far it has mainly been used as a crag pack, hauling all my gear to various crags in the Peak and Burgundy, but it should be heading to the mountains soon.

Product News at UKH presents climbing, walking and mountaineering equipment posts that will be of interest to our readers. Please feel free to comment about the post and products on the associated thread.
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