Nikwax® Unveils New Down Wash Direct® ? Care for Treated and Regular Down

Nikwax Downwash Direct  © Nikwax

Nikwax, the global leader in outdoor aftercare, is excited to introduce Down Wash Direct®, the first aftercare product specifically designed to clean and maximise the performance of both regular untreated down and treated hydrophobic down.

Nikwax developed this innovative down care product to serve the expanding offering of treated, water-resistant down products. Down is a highly effective insulator, but quickly loses its insulation powers when saturated with water. Water-resistant down fills, including Nikwax Hydrophobic Down (NHD) technology, address this issue.

To restore performance after repeated use, treated down requires special care. Dirt, oil, and other contaminants lead to the water-repellency diminishing over time. Down Wash Direct ensures optimal performance by cleaning effectively, revitalising insulation, and restoring the water-repellency of water-resistant down apparel and sleeping bags.

Down Wash Direct also reduces the water absorption of regular down and maintains or improves the water-repellency of the down item’s outer fabric.

This is a solution that customers in Specialty Outdoor will be looking for to keep their performance treated down product working at the highest level” says Nikwax founder and CEO, Nick Brown. “Down Wash Direct will help our retailers provide the most effective aftercare to their customers in this important category.

Building on the market leading Nikwax Down Wash, new Down Wash Direct is formulated for untreated and treated down insulation, as well as both goose and duck down products. Testing with leading treated down demonstrates superior results.

Like all Nikwax products, Down Wash Direct is PFC-free and water-based for the lowest environmental impact. In addition, Nikwax only works with down processors that are committed to ethical sourcing.

Available now.  Down Wash Direct will retail at £6.50 (in the UK) for a 300ml bottle.

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