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Nalgene Sustain: new line made with 50% recycled content Product News


Hitting the shops during October will be the new Nalgene Sustain Range of Drinking Bottles, built from the revolutionary Tritan Renew Resin.

The iconic Nalgene bottle improved - created from a revolutionary new material Tritan Renew containing 50% certified recycled content. Tritan Renew is powered by next generation recycling technology that transforms single-use plastic waste destined for landfill, into high performance BPA/BPS and phthalate free bottles.

Since the 70's Nalgene has stayed true to the original design, famed for its incredible durability and reliable functionality. With this new series, Nalgene offers outdoor enthusiasts an even more sustainable reusable bottle and a way to actively participate in the 'circular' economy, the future of recycling.

Tritan Renew does not sacrifice any strength or durability compared to the original material. Based on this, Nalgene is proud to stand by its legendary "Guaranteed for Life" on the Sustain bottles.

Sustain bottles will be available in the "Inspired by Nature" colours. The 1 litre wide mouth bottle will be first into shops during October, narrow mouths and half litres by November.

Nalgene Sustain 1 litre Wide or Narrow Mouth : srp £14.99

Nalgene Sustain 0.5 litre Wide or Narrow Mouth : srp £12.99

For more information visit www.firstascent.co.uk/our-brands/nalgene

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21 Sep

Great idea. Though I’m surprised it’s taken Nalgene this long to do

On the plus side, I won’t be purchasing one. My circa 10 year old Nalgene is still going strong and shows no sign whatsoever of needing replacing

They’re pretty indestructible

21 Sep

I'd be interested to know which is better for the environment: these or steel water bottles (which I presently use and leave behind at the wall every so often).

21 Sep

Or indeed PET bottles used a dozen times and then put in recycling.

Yeah 2020 is a bit late to get on the recycling train. Also if these are as strong as the original then a real statement of intent would be to replace the whole line where possible with this new formula, rather than giving people the option to not buy it.

As you say, not sure when in the next few decades years I'll need a replacement Nalgene but you never know

21 Sep

Now, I'm confused: is it better to keep using the Nalgene bottles I have or to put them in the recycling and buy these new ones?

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