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A modern, very spacious one man tent, the Sololight is perfect for backpacking in the UK and further afield. Whilst there are lighter one man tents on the market, few manage to combine space and strength with relatively low weight like the Sololight does.

A single 9mm DAC Featherlite NSL pole provides structure and a small strut pole at each end maximises head and foot space with a minimal increases in weight. The Sololight can be pitched inner and fly together to save time and protect the inner from the elements.

The Sololight is spacious enough for one person with a lot of gear. This, combined with the high end materials and overall strength, make the Sololight ideal for serious 3 season use.

  • Fly - 40d silicon coated nylon
  • Floor - 40d ripstop nylon
  • Pole 9mm DAC Featherlite NSL
  • Minimum weight 1.1kg
  • Maximum weight 1.25kg
  • Floor area 1.68m2
  • Vestibule area 1.1m2


A super classic 2 person backpacking tent, the Minaret has been a mainstay in the Macpac range for years. It delivers an awesome combination of strength, weight and space making it a great choice for backpacking in the mountains in everything short of full-on winter conditions.

The Minaret is a classic two pole tunnel shape which maximises internal space. Inner and outer can be pitched together - a real bonus in nasty weather, and the Torrentwear XP floor material has a whopping 10m hydrostatic head.

  • Fly - UV30 Si
  • Floor - Torrentwear XP 10,000mm
  • Poles - 9.6mm DAC Featherlite NSL
  • Maximum weight - 2.4kg
  • Minimum weight - 2.1kg
  • Floor area - 2.35m2
  • Vestibule area - 0.57m2


Another classic in the Macpac range, the Microlight was one of the first single pole, one person backpacking tents to offer true lightweight all weather performance. The single pole design maximises the space vs weight ratio and the high quality materials and construction make for a deceptively strong and durable tent.

  • Fly - UV30
  • Floor - Torrentwear XP 10,000mm
  • Pole - 9mm DAC Featherlite NSL
  • Maximum weight 1.6kg
  • Minimum weight 1.4kg
  • Floor area - 2.8m2
  • Vestibule area - 1.2m2


The Plateau is a full-on mountain tent designed to handle the very worst conditions. Ideal for alpine and expedition use, the Plateau offers good living space for two people along with front and rear entry doors for great access and dual vestibules for good storage options.

The 5 DAC Featherlite poles intersect 9 times and provide a super solid structure that can withstand heavy winds and snow loading. The Torrentwear XP floor fabric has legendary toughness and a 10,000mm hydrostatic head and the UV PU fly keeps the weather out and protects against strong UV radiation.

  • Fly - UV30 PU
  • Floor - Torrentwear XP 10,000mm
  • Poles - DAC Featherlite NSL 9.6 / 9.0mm
  • Maximum weight - 4.2kg
  • Minimum weight - 3.9kg
  • Floor area - 2.21m2
  • Vestibule area - 1.42m2

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