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Technical versatility from LEKI for year-round trekking on the hills

Thermolite XL V, 24 kb
Pole specialists LEKI introduce the brand new Thermolite XL V trekking poles. Lighter and more versatile than your average pole, they're able to cope with demanding hills and mountains – whether you're out for an icy winter hike or a rocky summer excursion.

Technical additions such as longer than normal foam grip on the handles allows walkers to grip down the shaft, rather than having to change pole length. Particularly useful for hilly treks where terrain and contours can change rapidly.

Designed in three sections (16mm top, 14mm middle and 12mm lower section) and manufactured from HT6.5 alloy - aircraft grade alloy which gives the best strength without becoming too stiff or brittle.

Featuring many of LEKI's renowned features, including:

  • TRIGGER S VERTICAL – the first safety release for touring poles with maximum power transfer.
  • TRIGGER S VERTICAL STRAP – offering outstanding comfort and safety. A strong, flexible and reliable connection with your pole that offers many grip options.
  • THERMO LONG grip makes traversing on steep slopes easy. No need to constantly adjust the length, just grip down the shaft.
  • SPEED LOCK 2 – LEKI's extremely fast pole length adjustment technology with a minimum holding force of 100kg.
  • ALUMINIUM HT 6.5 16mm/14mm/12mm shaft – the perfect combination for lightweight performance.
  • FLEX TIP SHORT – for more precise pole use and perfect grip in nearly all terrains.

Thermolite XL V, 23 kb

The Thermolite XL V is the perfect companion for trails, treks and tours with easy adjustment, excellent support and a comfortable grip – offering uncompromising performance and safety.

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