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Cocoon aspires to help travellers, climbers and adventurers be comfortable and get a good nights sleep wherever they are.

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Careful choice of fabrics and attention to detail make these products ideal for avid travellers for whom comfort and pack size are important, whereas mountaineers will appreciate the upgrade offered to sleeping bag warmth for minimal weight penalty.

Take a Travel Sheet for the extra foot room if you plan to use it often without a sleeping bag in warmer conditions. Choose a taper fit Mummy Liner if you need to add warmth to a sleeping bag.

Comfortable, soft to the touch and great value, Cocoon Organic Cotton Mummies and Travel sheets are ever popular with travellers. Fine yarn and a special weaving technique make Cocoon cottons lightweight and durable. Highly breathable, very comfortable next to the skin, creating a natural vapour balance for a best nights sleep.

The height of luxury and function for the minimum weight and pack size, nothing else rivals silk.

Highly breathable, silk responds well to changing temperatures, keeping you cool in the tropics and toasty in the mountains. Supremely comfortable next to the skin, even in the hottest most humid conditions.

If you feel the cold and really need a boost for your sleeping bag, or perhaps are  spending the night somewhere warm enough that sleeping bag is too much, then a Merino liner is versatile enough for both occasions. 

Fine, non-scratchy, soft, lightweight and stretchy, a Merino liner can add up to 7degrees C to the rating of your sleeping bag. The natural hollow spaces of the Merino allows air to circulate, your skin can breathe and moisture is wicked away from the body. Even when used over a long period of time Merino resists odours and stays germ free.

Coolmax is a high performance textile that actively wicks moisture away from the body keeping you dry and comfortable. Can be used inside your sleeping bag on cool nights, or by itself on warm nights. Particularly good in humid conditions.

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6 Apr, 2023

Are the quoted added temperatures really anywhere near realistic?

6 Apr, 2023

Of course it must be accurate not a load of made up wildly exaggerated numbers because they quote a decimal place so these must be accurate and reliable 😀. So for example a silk mummy liner gives you exactly 5.3C extra, obviously not 5.2 or 5.4C.

6 Apr, 2023

At a total 320g my HH baselayer top and bottoms are possibly more versatile (certainly better if worn on the hill :) ).

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