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Custom Made Maps from Ordnance Survey  © Ordnance Survey

Personalised Maps from Ordnance Survey

Personalised Maps from Ordnance Survey make both an unique gift and a practical map. You can take just the map that you need, or create one as a reminder of a favourite trip with your favourite photo on the cover.


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mag grid thumb  © UKHillwalking
mag grid thumb  © UKHillwalking

Magnetic North is Moving East - Here's How to Correct For It

We should all know the difference between magnetic north, the direction your compass points, and the grid lines on a map. In Britain we've always been able to correct for this in the same way - until now. Here's the latest advice from...

map 1  © Ordnance Survey
map 1  © Ordnance Survey

Walking in Straight Lines With the Ordnance Survey

What is Great Britain's longest linear walk without meeting a road? The answer to this question recently featured in the mainstream media. But the OS have a lot more to say on the subject here...

Map montage  © Ordnance Survey
Map montage  © Ordnance Survey

Skills A Beginner's Guide to Grid References

This quick and easy beginners' guide from the Ordnance Survey explains the National Grid, and the principles of how to read a simple grid reference. Just remember... along the corridor, then up the stairs.

No need to worry about the eXplorist 710 getting wet   © Dan Bailey
No need to worry about the eXplorist 710 getting wet   © Dan Bailey

Britain Adrift - How to Map a Shifting Landmass

GPS readings in the UK and much of the rest of Europe are currently 'wrong' by about 70cm. Why has this come about, and what could be done to fix it? The Ordnance Survey explain.

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