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Running My Winter Running Accident - a cautionary tale

It may have been a lockdown-friendly local route he knew well, but a surprise slip on icy ground put fell runner Nick Small in a serious predicament, a situation he hadn't gone well equipped to deal with. Do you carry enough just-in-case gear on your cold weather runs? Here's why you should...


10 Tips on Staying Warm in Winter by Andy Kirkpatrick


Winter Snowshoes in Scotland - more than just a novelty

Requiring less skill than skiing, and making a big difference when progress on foot would be a nightmare, snowshoes have a clear niche in Scottish winter, reckons Alex Roddie. Having spent years insisting he could do without, Alex is now a firm...

Running Walk Before You Run - winter skills for hill runners

There are a lot of strong runners out there, but those coming to winter hill running without a grounding in mountain skills may not appreciate the severity of the challenge posed by snow on the hills, says fell running guide Keri Wallace. Here...

Understanding Winter Weather With Plas Y Brenin Part 5 - Observations on the Hill

Forecasts are great tools at the planning stage, but once out on the hill you'll have to rely on your own observations and judgement. In the final part of our series Will talks us through the vital skill of staying alert and open minded.

Understanding Winter Weather With Plas Y Brenin Part 4 - Planning and Decision Making

In part 4 of our series on winter weather and avalanche forecasts, Will breaks down the planning and decision making...

Understanding Winter Weather With Plas Y Brenin Part 3 - How to Use the SAIS Website

Whether you're heading to the Scottish winter hills to walk, ski or climb, the SAIS website is an essential resource. In...

Understanding Winter Weather With Plas Y Brenin Part 2 – What to Look For in the Weather Forecast

Mountain weather forecasts convey a lot of information, but it's only of value if you know what to make of...

Understanding Winter Weather With Plas Y Brenin Part 1 - How Forecasts Work Together

For safe days in the winter mountains, your two biggest concerns are weather and snow conditions. From interpreting the...

Expert Tips Walking in Wild Weather

Bothy 10 Tips For a Winter Bothy Night

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