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UKC Gear Guide - Supported By Rab Down vs Synthetic Insulation

Rachael and Rob talk through the pros and cons of down and synthetic insulation and explain which to use in certain situations. They explain the difference in packability, how they perform when wet, breathability, and weight.


Using SARLOC for Rescue on your Smartphone

Scrambling 25 Tips for Safer Scrambling Without Ropes


UKC Gear Guide - Supported By Rab A Guide to Windshells

In this episode of the Rab Gear Guide, Rob Greenwood talks about windshells and why they are such a great layer to have in your bag out on the hill.

UKC Gear Guide - Supported By Rab How to Choose a Hillwalking Shell

In this episode of the Rab Gear Guide, Rachael Crewesmith and Rob Greenwood explain what to look for in a hillwalking shell for the UK, where you might experience all four seasons in one day.

Scrambling A Beginner's Guide to Scrambling

What sort of route makes a sensible first scramble; when should you consider using ropes; and what on earth are heuristic traps? Instructor Will Legon introduces the art of scrambling, that rewarding but challenging pursuit where hillwalking gets hands-on. 

UKC Gear Guide - Supported By Rab Which waterproof is right for you?

Rachael Crewesmith and Rob Greenwood discuss the pros and cons of different types of waterproofs. They shed some light on the...

Expert Tips Walking in Wild Weather

As autumn heads inexorably towards winter, conditions on the hills tend to get more hostile. It needn't be a show stopper, but...

Scrambling How to Scramble With Kids - A Parent's Guide

Kids are natural climbers, and scrambling as a family can be great fun. But with scrambling comes risk, and...

Scrambling Scramblers - Learn to Manage a Fear of Heights

Is a fear of heights holding back your scrambling progress? Will Legon describes some clever ways to reprogram...

Rescue The Casualty Card - A Forgotten First Aid Tool

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Scrambling with a partner

Rescue How - And When - To Call Mountain Rescue

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