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UKC Gear Guide - Supported By Rab A Guide to Windshells

In this episode of the Rab Gear Guide, Rob Greenwood talks about windshells and why they are such a great layer to have in your bag out on the hill.


How To Calculate Route Times Using Naismith's Rule

Reverse Polarity - a Warning to Compass Users


Food The Best Hill Snacks - Top Trumps

To get performance out of your body, you have to put fuel in. But on a big hill day not all foods are equal. You want grub that's easily carried, easy to eat, and with a good nutritional balance to keep the muscles pumping. Your choice of h...

UKC Gear Guide - Supported By Rab Waterproof vs Windproof vs Softshell

In this episode of the Rab Gear Guide, Rachael Crewesmith and Rob Greenwood discuss whether to buy a waterproof, windproof, or softshell jacket, the pros and cons of each, and how they can be used together.

Camping Environmental Etiquette - the dos and don'ts on hills and crags

From fires and litter to traffic and transport, Carla Broom examines the ways that walkers and climbers can minimise their impact at a time when our beauty spots have never been busier.

Running My Winter Running Accident - a cautionary tale

It may have been a lockdown-friendly local route he knew well, but a surprise slip on icy ground put fell runner Nick...

Running Walk Before You Run - winter skills for hill runners

There are a lot of strong runners out there, but those coming to winter hill running without a grounding in...

Expert Tips Walking in Wild Weather

As autumn heads inexorably towards winter, conditions on the hills tend to get more hostile. It needn't be a show stopper, but...

Running Route Planning for Trail Runners

Self sufficiency is the essence of hill running, and it starts with sound planning. Those from a walking background may not...

Lockdown? No Problem - Here's How to Keep Fit at Home

Expert Tips Walking Further and Faster

Top Tips Lightweight Walking - Tips for Beginners

Running Fastpacking - A Beginner's Guide

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