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15 Tips for Stronger Uphills

Trail running guru Claire Maxted offers tips on how to make ascents more efficient and less painful. And here's the thing: they mostly work for walkers too!


Essential Skills: Setting the Map

If you can set a map then navigating becomes much easier, because you don't have to rotate all the information in your head. The folks at Mountain Training explain this basic but very useful skill.

How To Calculate Route Times Using Naismith's Rule

Naismith's Rule is a formula that can be used when planning a hill route to work out - roughly - how long it ought to take. Here's how to use it (hint: with a pinch of salt).

How to Beat Blisters

They may be small, but few things can spoil a hill day as effectively as blisters. A bad case might even put you temporarily out of action. But take these few simple measures and blisters can be banished for good.

Ten Top Tips to Beat the Heat

In the recent heatwave the challenges of hillwalking, running and climbing in summer conditions have been uncomfortably obvious. From sunburn and dehydration to heat exhausion, we examine a number of hot weather issues and ways to mitigate them.

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