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SKILLS: Tips and Tricks for Navigating in the Dark

Tips and Tricks for Navigating in the Dark

Finding your way around the hills at night can be a challenge. These simple techniques recommended by Mountain Leaders could make all the difference


Rescue Calling in a Mountain Rescue

Beginner's Navigation: Tips, Tricks and Exercises

Reverse Polarity - a Warning to Compass Users

How to Beat Blisters


15 Tips for Stronger Uphills

Running 15 Tips for Stronger Uphills

Trail running guru Claire Maxted offers tips on how to make ascents more efficient and less painful. And here's the thing: they mostly work for walkers too!

Running Don't Fear Failure - How to Learn From a Hill Racing DNF

Claire Maxted looks at the positive lessons any runner can take home from failing to finish a race

Skills Hydration for Hillwalkers

When you're working up a sweat out on the hills, how much should you drink, and when? The current heatwave seems the perfect time to examine the question of hydration. Claire Maxted asked an expert...

Skills Smartphones & Hills - Common Issues, and How to Fix Them

Modern phones might be very handy on the hill, but it's vital to know their limits. Crispin Cooper...

Skills Planning Off-Path Routes

Trails can take the sting out of rough ground and tricky navigation - but what if you venture off the beaten track? Alex Roddie explains...

Modernise Your Navigation

​​​​​​​Still using frayed old paper maps? Ever wish you could pinpoint your exact location? It could be time to bring your...

Running 10 Techniques for Moving Faster in the Mountains

Whether you're a runner trying to race the clock, or a walker who'd just like to fit more mountains into the...

Running How to go From Hillwalker to Fell Runner

Skills A Beginner's Guide to Grid References

Essential Skills: Hand Railing and Collecting Features

Navigation: Why You Should Learn This Essential Lifesaver

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