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Camping Environmental Etiquette - the dos and don'ts on hills and crags

From fires and litter to traffic and transport, Carla Broom examines the ways that walkers and climbers can minimise their impact at a time when our beauty spots have never been busier.


How To Calculate Route Times Using Naismith's Rule

Reverse Polarity - a Warning to Compass Users


Running My Winter Running Accident - a cautionary tale

It may have been a lockdown-friendly local route he knew well, but a surprise slip on icy ground put fell runner Nick Small in a serious predicament, a situation he hadn't gone well equipped to deal with. Do you carry enough just-in-case gear o...

Running Walk Before You Run - winter skills for hill runners

There are a lot of strong runners out there, but those coming to winter hill running without a grounding in mountain skills may not appreciate the severity of the challenge posed by snow on the hills, says fell running guide Keri Wallace. Here...

Expert Tips Walking in Wild Weather

As autumn heads inexorably towards winter, conditions on the hills tend to get more hostile. It needn't be a show stopper, but wet, wild and cloudy weather does pose a big challenge. Here, seasoned pros give us their top tips for weathering the autumn storms.

Running Route Planning for Trail Runners

Self sufficiency is the essence of hill running, and it starts with sound planning. Those from a walking background may not...

Lockdown? No Problem - Here's How to Keep Fit at Home

With only one exercise outing per day, and the possibility of a full lockdown looming, UKH regular Claire...

Expert Tips Walking Further and Faster

Big routes put big demands on the walker. What's the key to a successful mega-mission? From training and nutrition to footwear and...

Top Tips Lightweight Walking - Tips for Beginners

Are you looking to shed weight, but unsure where to start? Fiona Russell asks some keen walkers about their simple...

Running Fastpacking - A Beginner's Guide

Rescue How to Save a Life With a Flapjack – Diabetes on the Hill

Skills Tips and Tricks for Navigating in the Dark

Running 15 Tips for Stronger Uphills

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