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Eight Things They Never Told You About Mountain Navigation

There are some things about mountain navigation that only years of trial and error can teach you; here are a few hard-won tips from John Burns


Using SARLOC for Rescue on your Smartphone

Getting smart with your smartphone might just save your life in an emergency, writes Judy Whiteside, Editor of Mountain Rescue Magazine. 'There are many apps for smartphone which show the phone's location, but these rely on the lost person having...

Ten Top Tips for Buying Summer Boots

In the market for a new pair of walking boots? This article is aimed primarily at beginners taking their first steps into hillwalking, but even old hands might pick up the odd tip. If you've endured years of ill-fitting boots then it could be time to think again...

Reverse Polarity - a Warning to Compass Users

Are navigation errors always the fault of the individual navigator, or might there sometimes be a problem with the compass, a tool we tend to take for granted? Heather Morning of the MCofS investigates.

How to Buy a Waterproof Jacket

How do you buy a waterproof breathable jacket? These days there's loads of choice on offer, so Dan Bailey takes a look at the basics: materials, designs and the uses to which they are best suited.

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