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SKILLS: Tips and Tricks for Navigating in the Dark

Tips and Tricks for Navigating in the Dark

Finding your way around the hills at night can be a challenge. These simple techniques recommended by Mountain Leaders could make all the difference


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Rescue Calling in a Mountain Rescue


Eight Things They Never Told You About Mountain Navigation

Comedy Eight Things They Never Told You About Mountain Navigation

There are some things about mountain navigation that only years of trial and error can teach you; here are a few hard-won tips from John Burns

Skills Hyperthermia - Heat Illnesses and How to Manage Them

Summer weather on the hills can easily catch you out. We recently covered hydration, so now it's time to take a more in-depth look at heat illnesses with mountain first aid expert Helen Howe

Skills Hydration for Hillwalkers

When you're working up a sweat out on the hills, how much should you drink, and when? The current heatwave seems the perfect time to examine the question of hydration. Claire Maxted asked an expert...

Using SARLOC for Rescue on your Smartphone

Getting smart with your smartphone might just save your life in an emergency, writes Judy Whiteside, Editor of...

Camping The Dos and Don'ts of Roadside Camping

Camping by the road is contentious, but it's the hooligans that give the rest of us a bad name. So here are some basic...

Skills Smartphones & Hills - Common Issues, and How to Fix Them

Modern phones might be very handy on the hill, but it's vital to know their limits. Crispin Cooper...

Top Tips Top Tips for Leading a Walking Group

Keen walkers often become group leaders by default, but they don't always do the best job. Emily Donoho has some suggestions...

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