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Eight Things They Never Told You About Mountain Navigation

There are some things about mountain navigation that only years of trial and error can teach you; here are a few hard-won tips from John Burns


Make A Mountain First Aid Kit

Kath Wills is a member of the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team and a Recue Emergency Care (REC) first aid instructor. She runs Active First Aid in Snowdonia. Here, she advises what to put in a comprehensive general mountain first aid kit for a group of people...

How to Beat Blisters

They may be small, but few things can spoil a hill day as effectively as blisters. A bad case might even put you temporarily out of action. But take these few simple measures and blisters can be banished for good.

How To Calculate Route Times Using Naismith's Rule

Naismith's Rule is a formula that can be used when planning a hill route to work out - roughly - how long it ought to take. Here's how to use it (hint: with a pinch of salt).

Ten Top Tips for Buying Summer Boots

In the market for a new pair of walking boots? This article is aimed primarily at beginners taking their first steps into hillwalking, but even old hands might pick up the odd tip. If you've endured years of ill-fitting boots then it could be time to think again...

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