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Camping Nights in Green Nylon: The Ups and Downs of Bivvy Life

Bivvies can be the nastiest nights there are, says Ronald Turnbull, but when they're not, they're the nicest nights of all. Here he examines the rationality of his bivvy bag habit, and passes on a few tips for bivvy beginners.


Camping Ten Top Tips for Wild Camping

Wild Nights Out - Responsible Camping and the Law


UKC Gear Guide - Supported By Rab A Guide to Windshells

In this episode of the Rab Gear Guide, Rob Greenwood talks about windshells and why they are such a great layer to have in your bag out on the hill.

Food The Best Hill Snacks - Top Trumps

To get performance out of your body, you have to put fuel in. But on a big hill day not all foods are equal. You want grub that's easily carried, easy to eat, and with a good nutritional balance to keep the muscles pumping. Your choice of hill food should also be...

UKC Gear Guide - Supported By Rab How to Choose a Hillwalking Shell

In this episode of the Rab Gear Guide, Rachael Crewesmith and Rob Greenwood explain what to look for in a hillwalking shell for the UK, where you might experience all four seasons in one day.

UKC Gear Guide - Supported By Rab Waterproof vs Windproof vs Softshell

In this episode of the Rab Gear Guide, Rachael Crewesmith and Rob Greenwood discuss whether to buy a waterproof, windproof,...

Food Camp Cuisine - five energy packed dinners for better-fed backpacking

Too many people who eat hills for breakfast don't pay much attention to what they eat for dinner...

Camping Environmental Etiquette - the dos and don'ts on hills and crags

From fires and litter to traffic and transport, Carla Broom examines the ways that walkers and climbers...

Expert Tips Walking in Wild Weather

As autumn heads inexorably towards winter, conditions on the hills tend to get more hostile. It needn't be a show stopper, but...

Expert Tips Walking Further and Faster

Top Tips Lightweight Walking - Tips for Beginners

Running Fastpacking - A Beginner's Guide

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