backpacking Ursula Martin - 5000 miles across Europe in a time of Covid

Between 2018 and 2021, Ursula Martin walked alone across Europe. Her journey of over 5000 miles from Ukraine to her home in Mid Wales covered 14 countries and several mountain ranges, a cultural and linguistic challenge as much as a physical feat, and one that took place for much of the way against the backdrop of the pandemic. "I now feel ca...

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Article Never Say Never - Mistakes in the Mountains

What do you do when you're a qualified, established instructor and you make an error of judgement in the mountains that could have easily cost you your life? Sally Lisle looks at what happened, why she made the error,...

Walking for Mental Health Walking through grief after baby loss

When you go through tragedy, it's easy to hide from the world. Following the loss of her daughter, Jess Hodkinson did just this - until she realised she could carry the grief with her to the hills. Walking helped her to see the importance of the outdoors,...

Article Millican Dalton - The Professor of Adventure

Iona Glen tells the story of Millican Dalton (1867-1947), a self-styled 'Professor of Adventure' who lived in a cave in Borrowdale and led camping and climbing trips in the vicinity of Keswick. Photos by kind permission of the Fell and Rock...

Article Mountain Plants in the UK – Undervalued and Under Threat?

Upland ecologist Barbara Jones writes about the mountain plants that can be spotted on UK...

Article Rockfax Digital Deep Dives Part 1 - The Data Pipeline

Our developers go into some of the technical aspects of how Rockfax Digital works under the...

Walking for Mental Health Hill Running Saved my Life

Through running, Darren Clarkson found a new and unexpected response to PTSD, and a way to face down his demons. Within a year he has gone...

conservation Ring Ouzels on the Eastern Edges

The eastern Peak District is home to a small but significant population of breeding Ring Ouzels, a bird on the Red List of...

diversity Meet the activists helping to diversify the outdoors: Pammy Johal

Article Polish Scouting in the UK - My Route into the Outdoors

munros Nick Gardner, Aiming for all the Munros at 81

diversity Inclusion in the Outdoors: A Survey

diversity Meet the activists helping to diversify the outdoors: Cherelle Harding of Steppers UK

coronavirus Where's Your Head At? Keep Mental Health in Check Post-Lockdown

Reclaim these Peaks - Women's Safety Outdoors is Everyone's Problem

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