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All E1s from Rockfax 2015 Eastern Grit

The classic “falling off the crux” shot  © mollyworth
The classic “falling off the crux” shot
© mollyworth, Nov 2023

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1st Neil McA 55% 14 Jul
2nd willpitt07 29% 11 May
3rd SCClimb 18% 18 May
4th Martin Haworth 17% 2 Jul
5th Hidden 11% 8 Sep, 2023
6th tomthecoolperson 9% 2019
7th Ardo 9% 11 Apr
8th Hidden 8% 1 Jun
9th Hidden 7% 19 May
10th seankenny 4% 2023

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Getting spat off the crux of The Link, Stanage Popular.

The Link
Getting spat off the crux of The Link, Stanage Popular.
© Darren Percival

Stanage Light Trails

Stanage Light Trails

Just Another No-Star E1 at Stanage

Savage Amusement
Just Another No-Star E1 at Stanage
© Dan Arkle

Duncan Irving taking a graceful exit from Flying Buttress Direct (E1 5b), Stanage

Flying Buttress Direct
Duncan Irving taking a graceful exit from Flying Buttress Direct (E1 5b), Stanage
© Adrian Japp

Accidental solo of Flying Buttress Direct

Flying Buttress Direct
Accidental solo of Flying Buttress Direct
© Claire Shepherd

Hearse Arete

Hearse Arête
Hearse Arete
© azer

Stretching it out on Flying Buttress Direct

Flying Buttress Direct
Stretching it out on Flying Buttress Direct
© Brian Pollock

RichC About to Crank the Finishing MantelShelf on Strapiombante, Froggatt

RichC About to Crank the Finishing MantelShelf on Strapiombante, Froggatt
© ChrisJD

Ferdia setting off into the upper crux on Left Unconqerable.

The Left Unconquerable
Ferdia setting off into the upper crux on Left Unconqerable.
© neil the weak

3-2-none, how the points of contacts go when you faf around

3-2-none, how the points of contacts go when you faf around
© joese7en

Dan Boarding Flying Buttress Direct

Flying Buttress Direct
Dan Boarding Flying Buttress Direct
© Bunchuk

My flying butt.

Flying Buttress Direct
My flying butt.
© Jonny2vests

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Requiem of Hamlet's Ghost E1 5b * 106 10m Wharncliffe Crags
Mellicious E1 5c 20 6m Wharncliffe Crags
Tensile Test E1 5c * 160 6m Wharncliffe Crags
Elastic Limit E1 5c 86 6m Wharncliffe Crags
Abair E1 5b 25 14m Wharncliffe Crags
Photo Finish E1 5b * 144 10m Wharncliffe Crags
Renrock E1 5a * 107 8m Wharncliffe Crags
Hard Cheese E1 5c 40 ? Wharncliffe Crags
Pinnacle Arête E1 5b * 62 ? Wharncliffe Crags
Pete's Sake E1 5b * 117 ? Wharncliffe Crags
En Passant E1 6b 3 6m Wharncliffe Crags
Splitter E1 5b * 13 6m Wharncliffe Crags
Trapezium E1 5b * 280 10m Wharncliffe Crags
Great Buttress Arête E1 5b *** 758 12m Wharncliffe Crags
Just a Minute E1 5b * 171 ? Wharncliffe Crags
Helping Hand E1 5c * 58 10m Wharncliffe Crags
Bolster E1 5b * 28 8m Wharncliffe Crags
First Pillar Route 2 E1 5a 13 ? Wharncliffe Crags
Summer Lightning E1 5b 16 ? Wharncliffe Crags
Duplicate E1 5b * 26 ? Wharncliffe Crags
Serrated Edge E1 5b * 91 14m Wharncliffe Crags
Grammarian's Face E1 5b * 26 12m Wharncliffe Crags
Inclusion E1 5b * 18 ? Wharncliffe Crags
Flying Angel E1 5b * 18 ? Wharncliffe Crags
Cadence E1 5b * 14 ? Wharncliffe Crags
Jaffa E2 5b * 38 19m Agden Rocher
Ardua E1 5b ** 65 19m Agden Rocher
Asteris E2 5c ** 125 ? Agden Rocher
Conjunctus Viribus E1 5a ** 162 ? Agden Rocher
Pollux E1 5b *** 231 ? Agden Rocher
Castor E1 5c ** 80 ? Agden Rocher
Better Late Than Never E1 5a * 791 11m Rivelin Edge
White Out E2 5c ** 667 12m Rivelin Edge
Mad as Cows E1 5c 11 9m Rivelin Edge
Jelly Baby E1 5c 92 7m Rivelin Edge
Fringe Benefit E1 5b ** 910 9m Rivelin Edge
Reredos E1 5b * 23 12m Rivelin Edge
Nonsuch E1 5b ** 819 9m Rivelin Edge
Spartan E1 5c * 14 ? Back Tor
Thread Flintstone HVS 5b ** 100 20m Dovestone Tor
Mock Turtle E1 5b 13 20m Dovestone Tor
Stony Faced E1 5b * 28 14m Dovestone Tor
Blue Velvet E1 6a * 18 12m Dovestone Tor
Spring Night E1 5c * 12 8m Dovestone Tor
Autumn Day E1 5c ** 56 8m Dovestone Tor
Stretch Marks E1 6a * 8 8m Dovestone Tor
Swinwood E1 5b 16 8m Dovestone Tor
Smokin' E1 5b 4 10m Dovestone Tor
Bertie E1 5c * 11 8m Dovestone Tor
Granny Smith E1 5b * 2 8m Dovestone Tor
Crackless Bottom E1 5b 10 8m Dovestone Tor
Soft Top E1 5a 16 6m Dovestone Tor
Back Flip E1 5b * 66 10m Bamford Edge
N’emennez Pas Harry E1 5b ** 844 12m Bamford Edge
Fizz E1 5c * 311 8m Bamford Edge
In My Pocket E1 5b 6 7m Bamford Edge
Deaf Raspberry Climb E1 5c 6 ? Bamford Edge
Bum Deal E1 5c * 266 10m Bamford Edge
Clean, Squeaky and Scented E1 6a 17 ? Bamford Edge
Private Practice E1 5b * 143 ? Bamford Edge
Wrong Hand Route E1 5c ** 469 10m Bamford Edge
The Crease E1 5a * 1369 12m Bamford Edge
Parliament E1 5c ** 202 12m Bamford Edge
Master Blaster E2 5c * 70 10m Bamford Edge
Steamin' E1 5b * 187 14m Stanage North
Slight Second E1 5b 54 ? Stanage North
Incursion E1 5b ** 524 14m Stanage North
The Floating Fat Man E1 5c 12 12m Stanage North
The Vice E1 5b ** 298 10m Stanage North
Physician's Wall E1 6a 17 20m Stanage North
The Wobbler E1 5c ** 228 10m Stanage North
Bamboozled E1 5c 25 7m Stanage North
Overhung E1 5c 21 8m Stanage North
Scratch Arête E1 5c 25 7m Stanage North
Canine Canute E1 5b 5 7m Stanage North
Don's Delight E1 5b * 137 8m Stanage North
Wild and Woolly E1 5b ** 174 16m Stanage North
Keep it in the Family E1 5b 34 12m Stanage North
Not Richard's Sister Direct E1 6a * 40 8m Stanage North
Certainly Parakeratosis E1 5b 25 8m Stanage North
Side Effect E1 5b 49 ? Stanage North
The Other Effect E1 5c 7 ? Stanage North
Hale-Bopp E1 6a 1 ? Stanage North
Angel in the Stars E1 5c 10 7m Stanage North
Pig's Ear f6A+ ** 158 8m Stanage North
Hearsay Crack E1 5a * 436 10m Stanage North
Three Calm Men E1 5b 32 10m Stanage North
Mouthpiece E1 5c ** 108 15m Stanage North
Cent E1 5a 436 ? Stanage North
Overflow E1 5b * 199 ? Stanage North
Teenage Lobotomy E1 5b 50 ? Stanage North
Marie Celeste E1 5b 39 15m Stanage North
Gypsy Moth E1 5b * 62 11m Stanage North
Blockhead Direct E1 5b ** 91 8m Stanage North
Headbanger f6A * 41 7m Stanage North
Darthuader E1 6a 9 16m Stanage North
Blown Drie E1 5c 9 12m Stanage North
Full Blown Finish E1 5b 13 4m Stanage North
The Graduate E1 5c 29 ? Stanage North
Count's Wall E1 5b * 300 16m Stanage Plantation
Mop Up E1 5c 32 10m Stanage Plantation
Stumpy E1 5a * 91 ? Stanage Plantation
Basil Half-Tail E1 5c 5 9m Stanage Plantation
Tom-cat Slab E1 5b ** 130 ? Stanage Plantation
Ma's Retreat E1 6a * 19 8m Stanage Plantation
Boobagram E1 6a 8 ? Stanage Plantation
Surprise E1 5c * 58 16m Stanage Plantation
Look Before you Leap E1 6a 16 8m Stanage Plantation
A Thousand Natural Shocks E2 5c 12 6m Stanage Plantation
Tales of Yankee Power E1 5c * 90 10m Stanage Plantation
Flaky Wall E1 5b 113 10m Stanage Plantation
Bastille E1 5b 59 10m Stanage Plantation
Argus E1 5b * 58 8m Stanage Plantation
Mate E1 5b 27 7m Stanage Plantation
Death and Night and Blood E1 5b * 528 18m Stanage Plantation
I Never Said It Was Any Good E1 5b 22 18m Stanage Plantation
Leaps and Bounds E1 5b * 35 ? Stanage Plantation
Video Nasty E1 6a 8 ? Stanage Plantation
Living at the Speed E1 5b * 388 10m Stanage Plantation
Esso Extra E1 5b ** 82 12m Stanage Plantation
Tower Chimney E1 5b *** 231 20m Stanage Plantation
Nuke the Midges E1 5b * 350 10m Stanage Plantation
The Mangler E1 5c * 79 10m Stanage Plantation
Foetus on the Eiger E1 6a 4 10m Stanage Plantation
Big Screams E1 5c * 93 10m Stanage Plantation
Big Bob's Bazzer E1 5b 29 8m Stanage Plantation
To Cold to be Bold E1 6b * 3 ? Stanage Plantation
Passover E1 5c 20 8m Stanage Plantation
Millsom's Minion E1 5b *** 2209 22m Stanage Plantation
New Balls Please E1 5b * 40 20m Stanage Plantation
Mitch Pitch E1 5c * 137 6m Stanage Plantation
Elephant on the Dog House E1 5b 41 8m Stanage Plantation
Men Only E1 5c 9 ? Stanage Plantation
Traversty E1 6a * 89 12m Stanage Plantation
Plugging the Gaps E1 5b * 48 13m Stanage Plantation
Early Starter E1 5b * 114 ? Stanage Plantation
Ritornel E1 5b * 112 14m Stanage Plantation
Three Lanky Sassenachs and one Wee Jock E1 5c 10 10m Stanage Plantation
The Left Unconquerable E1 5b *** 3038 16m Stanage Plantation
Marmalade's Lost Start E1 5c 86 6m Stanage Plantation
On a Wing and Prayer E1 5c * 122 12m Stanage Popular
Taking a Winger E1 5b 123 12m Stanage Popular
Punklet E1 6a * 241 8m Stanage Popular
Pedlar's Rib E1 5c ** 287 12m Stanage Popular
Fit as a Butcher's Dog E1 5c 35 12m Stanage Popular
One Stop Shopping E1 6a 11 12m Stanage Popular
Second Wind E1 5c * 71 12m Stanage Popular
Swings E1 5c ** 158 10m Stanage Popular
Choux Fleur E1 5c 36 14m Stanage Popular
Another Game of Bowls Sir Walter? E1 5b * 407 14m Stanage Popular
Phlegethoa E1 5c * 119 12m Stanage Popular
Saliva E1 5b ** 710 16m Stanage Popular
Acheron E1 5b * 252 16m Stanage Popular
Finger Licking Good E1 5b * 322 ? Stanage Popular
Dark Continent E1 5c *** 611 20m Stanage Popular
The Link E1 5b *** 1531 22m Stanage Popular
Mississippi Variant Direct E1 5b ** 1091 20m Stanage Popular
Morrison's Redoubt E1 5b ** 1053 18m Stanage Popular
Savage Amusement E1 5b 11 ? Stanage Popular
Lucy's Joy E1 5b 131 18m Stanage Popular
Bobsnob E1 5a 161 10m Stanage Popular
Broken Arrow E1 5b * 84 6m Stanage Popular
Desperation E1 6a *** 959 12m Stanage Popular
Ice Boat E1 5c * 199 14m Stanage Popular
Hybrid E1 5b 114 16m Stanage Popular
Easter Rib E1 5b ** 1857 16m Stanage Popular
Twintrin E1 5c * 354 ? Stanage Popular
Flying Buttress Direct E1 5b *** 3448 16m Stanage Popular
Kirkus's Corner E1 5b ** 920 14m Stanage Popular
The Unprintable E1 5b ** 438 14m Stanage Popular
The Tippler E1 5b *** 1404 18m Stanage Popular
Providence E1 5c * 369 ? Stanage Popular
Tip Off Right E1 5b * 172 14m Stanage Popular
Jersey Boys E1 5a 50 14m Stanage Popular
Gullible's Travels E1 5b * 664 10m Stanage Popular
Lead a Dance E2 5b * 7 ? Stanage Popular
Groat E1 6b 23 8m Burbage North
All Star's Goal E1 6a 106 8m Burbage North
Evening Wall E1 5b * 373 8m Burbage North
Now or Never E1 5b ** 761 12m Burbage North
Windjammer E1 5b * 418 ? Burbage North
Slide-away E1 5a * 64 ? Burbage North
The Irrepressible Urge E1 5b ** 264 8m Burbage North
The Screamer E1 5c * 31 8m Burbage North
Long Tall Sally E1 5b *** 2491 10m Burbage North
The Fin E1 5b * 303 8m Burbage North
The Penultimate E1 5b * 485 8m Burbage North
Almost the Last Word E1 5c 37 8m Burbage North
Brillo E1 5c 194 8m Higgar Tor
Surform E1 5b ** 350 14m Higgar Tor
Easy Peasy E1 6a 28 ? Higgar Tor
Cracked Rib E1 5a 38 ? Higgar Tor
The Gnat E1 5c * 12 6m Burbage South Edge
Captain Sensible E1 5b * 55 8m Burbage South Edge
Movie Star E1 5b * 39 8m Burbage South Edge
The Knack E1 5c * 114 6m Burbage South Edge
No Zag E1 5b * 290 8m Burbage South Edge
Dork Child E1 5c * 43 8m Burbage South Edge
Hades E1 5c ** 148 12m Burbage South...
Millwheel Wall E1 5b *** 364 12m Burbage South...
The Dover and Ellis Chimney E1 5b * 10 16m Burbage South...
Green Light Go E1 5b 10 ? Over Owler Tor
Aeroflot E1 5b ** 93 ? Over Owler Tor
Soho Sally E1 5b * 76 28m Millstone Edge
February Fox E1 5b * 51 12m Millstone Edge
Dexterity E1 5b ** 1870 20m Millstone Edge
Eros E1 5b ** 973 14m Millstone Edge
Billingsgate E1 5b ** 765 20m Millstone Edge
Xanadu E1 5b ** 37 42m • 2 Millstone Edge
Embankment 3 E1 5b *** 2648 26m • 2 Millstone Edge
Time for Tea Original E1 5b *** 467 22m Millstone Edge
Embankment 4 E1 5b *** 1766 22m Millstone Edge
Lotto E1 5c * 91 24m Millstone Edge
Juniper E1 5b 84 8m Millstone Edge
Split Second Timing E1 5c 11 9m Lawrencefield
Great Peter E1 5b ** 1629 20m Lawrencefield
J.J.2 E1 5b 20 21m Lawrencefield
Every Man and his Dog E1 5b 274 ? Lawrencefield
Eclair E1 5b * 744 10m Lawrencefield
Vanilla Slice E1 5c * 670 10m Lawrencefield
Chilly Days and Purple Acorns E1 5b * 189 ? Lawrencefield
Delectable Direct E1 5c ** 798 15m Lawrencefield
Red Wall Variations E1 5b 93 17m Lawrencefield
Aphid's Wall E1 5b * 360 16m Yarncliffe
Chalked Up E1 5a * 89 20m Yarncliffe
The Inverted Jigsaw E1 5b 6 ? Yarncliffe
Pisa Cake E1 5b 14 ? Tegness Quarries
Rock the Casbah E1 5b 15 ? Tegness Quarries
Strapiombante E1 5b *** 2017 8m Froggatt Edge
Strapiombo E1 5b ** 526 9m Froggatt Edge
Motorcade E1 5a ** 1372 18m Froggatt Edge
Heather in My Face E1 5b 12 6m Froggatt Edge
My Newt E1 5b - 6m Froggatt Edge
Swing E2 5b 66 ? Froggatt Edge
Nutty Land E1 5c * 96 ? Froggatt Edge
Beech Nut E1 5c 128 12m Froggatt Edge
Bacteria Cafeteria E1 5b * 208 14m Froggatt Edge
Beech Buttress Direct E1 5a * 40 11m Curbar Edge
Sunday E1 5b * 40 11m Curbar Edge
The Welcome E1 5c 15 8m Curbar Edge
Deadbay Crack E1 5b ** 98 11m Curbar Edge
The Bear Hunter E1 5b ** 228 11m Curbar Edge
Black Nix Wall E1 5c * 241 8m Curbar Edge
John's Arête E1 5b * 56 10m Curbar Edge
Mr Softee E1 6a 35 16m Curbar Edge
Dirty Sanchez HVS 5b * 21 7m Curbar Edge
The Vegas Years E1 5b * 6 ? Curbar Edge
Birthday Groove E1 5c * 50 8m Curbar Edge
Smoke ont' Watter E1 6a ** 242 9m Curbar Edge
Top Secret E2 5c * 47 9m Curbar Edge
Vaguely Great E2 5c * 32 8m Curbar Edge
Culture Shock E1 5c 4 11m Curbar Edge
Betwixt E1 5a * 26 6m Curbar Edge
Rapid E1 5c 21 8m Curbar Edge
Kayak E2 5b ** 1115 9m Curbar Edge
L'Horla E1 5b *** 1259 10m Curbar Edge
The Toy E1 5c ** 799 7m Curbar Edge
Pretty Face E1 5b * 209 7m Curbar Edge
Thirst for Glory E1 5b * 169 9m Curbar Edge
Left Eliminate E1 5c ** 373 11m Curbar Edge
Hercules E1 5a * 117 11m Curbar Edge
Bacchanalia E1 5c 20 12m Baslow Edge
Truancy E1 6a 33 5m Baslow Edge
Yerg Sinned E1 5b * 19 6m Baslow Edge
Santa Claus Retreats E1 5b * 28 6m Baslow Edge
Cave Rib E1 5a * 31 8m Baslow Edge
Jam and Blast It HVS 5a * 95 9m Baslow Edge
Tsetse Fly E1 5c * 21 14m Gardom's Edge
Landsick E1 5b * 134 13m Gardom's Edge
Moyer's Buttress E1 5b *** 901 21m Gardom's Edge
Biven's Crack E1 5b ** 210 12m Gardom's Edge
The Eye of Faith E1 5c *** 481 25m Gardom's Edge
Rhythmic Itch E1 5b ** 154 25m Gardom's Edge
Hearse Arête E1 5b ** 181 20m Gardom's Edge
Crottle E1 5b * 38 12m Gardom's Edge
Whillans' Blind Variant E1 5b * 39 8m Gardom's Edge
It's a Gas E1 5c 2 8m Gardom's Edge
Blenheim Buttress HVS 5a 20 14m Gardom's Edge
Blenheim E1 5a * 41 13m Gardom's Edge
Left-hand Pillar Crack E1 5b ** 103 10m Gardom's Edge
Marie's Gone to Canada E1 5c 6 ? Birchen Edge
Midway E1 6b 53 6m Birchen Edge
Flataback E1 6a 26 6m Birchen Edge
Knick Knack E1 5b 54 ? Birchen Edge
Cook's Rib E1 5c * 204 12m Birchen Edge
Heavy Cruiser E1 6a 4 ? Birchen Edge
Dumper E1 5b * 9 9m Chatsworth Edge
Pretty Vacant E1 5a 18 9m Chatsworth Edge
Monk's Park E1 5c 15 7m Chatsworth Edge
High Step E1 5a ** 96 10m Chatsworth Edge
The Morning After E1 5b 1 9m Chatsworth Edge
Three Pebble Slob E1 5c 1 9m Chatsworth Edge
Vibrio E1 5b ** 175 15m Chatsworth Edge
Despot E1 5c ** 78 13m Chatsworth Edge
Up the Establishment E1 5b * 90 13m Chatsworth Edge
Elliott's Right-hand E1 5c 32 9m Cratcliffe Tor
Suicide Wall Direct E1 5c ** 42 ? Cratcliffe Tor
Central Buttress Direct E1 5a * 61 24m Black Rocks
The Bounder E1 7a - 15m Black Rocks
Easy Exit E1 5a ** 5 ? Black Rocks
Promontory Traverse E1 5b *** 94 32m • 2 Black Rocks
Twisted Smile E1 5b * 6 8m Black Rocks
Gomorrah E1 6a * 8 8m Black Rocks
Curtain Call E2 5b * 53 16m Black Rocks
Depressed Arête HVS 5b * 45 18m Turningstone Edge
Umbongo E1 5c * 21 11m Turningstone Edge
Baker's Groove E1 5b ** 62 10m Turningstone Edge
Waiting for Tony E1 5b * 40 12m Turningstone Edge
Hugo de Vries E1 5b *** 185 12m Turningstone Edge
Plumber's Direct E1 5c * 20 14m Shining Cliff
A Farewell to Arms E1 5b * 69 15m Shining Cliff
Flyaway E1 5b * 90 13m Shining Cliff
S.H.A.D.O. E1 5c 3 15m Shining Cliff
317 e, 310 stars 76,190 3,019m 316
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