Snowdon via the Llanberis Path, and down the Snowdon Ranger Walking

Whilst hordes of people walk up the Llanberis Path on summer weekends, it is still worth doing if you're looking for the easiest way up Snowdon on foot. Going back down the same way is the simplest way home, but for variety an alternative descent via the Snowdon Ranger path is well worth using if you want to avoid the masses, and enjoy a longer and more remote-feeling walk.

Snowdon Summit January 2019 © groovejunkie  © groovejunkie
Snowdon Summit January 2019 © groovejunkie
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SH5826459797 From the car park cross the main road and turn left in front of the Snowdon Mountain Railway station. At the mini roundabout carry straight on for 100m or so to a gate on the right. Follow the path from here up through the woods to the cafe. This is more pleasant than walking up the tarmac road to the same point.

SH5790459246 From the cafe turn left and follow the road up through a gate, passing a large farm building on the right. About 100m further up the road is the well signposted start to the Llanberis Path. Head up here; at first it is not too steep but after a short while the path starts to ascend diagonally across the hillside towards a gate at a prominent drystone wall. Here the ground flattens off again.

SH5859558426 From the gate carry on along the path and cross under the railway via a small bridge and continue on to the disappointingly-named Halfway House, which is really only about a third of the way up in terms of height gain.

SH5992756979 Carry on along the path to where it turns left and starts to ascent Allt Moses the steep staircase that is the first place that can bring the inexperienced to their knees due to the effort. At the top of the stairs the path crosses the railway again close to Clogwyn Station, under a small bridge.
The "Granny Uplift" on Snowdon  © Wildcountry
The "Granny Uplift" on Snowdon
Chris Horobin, Mar 2012
© Wildcountry

SH6081656048 Head under the bridge, and if you are lucky you can enjoy the amazing if exposed views down into the Llanberis Pass on the left. The views are short lived as the path soon starts to rear up again and combined with the loose gravel this makes this another physically challenging section for the uninitiated. The angle soon eases and the path starts to bend to the right and flatten as it approaches the finger stone at Bwlch Glas. Here several paths merge, including the Snowdon Ranger down which we will descend later. Carry more or less straight on along the path that now runs just above the railway up the final ridge to the summit. The summit is often rammed, as is the cafe if it is open (closed between Oct-Mar).
Sir Chris Bonnington holds the Olympic Torch Aloft England and Wales on the Summit of Snowdon.  © Mark Reeves
Sir Chris Bonnington holds the Olympic Torch Aloft England and Wales on the Summit of Snowdon.
© Mark Reeves, May 2012

SH6100454371 From the summit backtrack the way you came to reach Bwlch Glas.

SH6078054876 Just below the finger stone is the railway track and below that is a the Snowdon Ranger Path that heads off in a NNW direction below the railway, slowly veering left away from the tracks to pick up the ridge line of Clogwyn D'ur Arddu. This descends gently at first before a series of steep zig-zags leads to a point on the path that is just below Bwlch Cwm Brwynog. Carry on along the now flat path for just over 1km to a gate. Just over 100m past the gate is an obvious track that heads off up and right.

SH5730855285 Turn off the Snowdon Ranger path and head up the path and over Bwlch Maesgwm and down the prominent path that heads down the remote valley the other side. This valley is locally referred to as Telegraph Valley, as it used to have a row of telegraph poles. At the end of the valley follow the path as it follows the hillside down and to the left to pick up the end of a track that leads to some remote houses. Carry on along the continuation of the track via a dip where a stream passes underneath the road. Just after this the path picks up a small drystone wall which it follows past a lonely house before reaching a gate in the road where the road turns down and right.
Autumn Light on Snowdon  © dgp
Autumn Light on Snowdon
© dgp, Nov 2014

SH5727359069 Head through the gate to descend the road past a farm, a campsite and a youth hostel, before coming into the village of Llanberis, where you pass the local primary school and library before hitting the High Street by an outdoor shop and a cafe.

SH5781660100 Turn right onto the high street and follow the road to its end where it joins the A4086. Carry on a short distance to return to the car park opposite the Snowdon Mountain Railway.

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