The Atlantic Ridge of Carnedd Y Filiast Walking

This is one of the more extreme scrambles in Snowdonia. Whilst never technically hard, a mere grade 2, it goes on at that grade for about 400m. As such it is both committing and exhilarating in equal measure. For most parties it is a roped up adventure of the highest order of difficulty, and will require a full day to complete due to the number of pitches. Only true expert scrambles should consider soloing this route. The route climbs a gentle slab of immaculate rock which was once the ocean floor, and it is for this reason that the rock appears 'undulated', like the sand on the beach of a gently retreating tide.

Looking across at the Atlantic Ridge with two scramblers dwarfed by its size.  © Mark Reeves
Looking across at the Atlantic Ridge with two scramblers dwarfed by its size.
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SH6304763550 From the car parking walk back along the road to a stile over the fence just before the hostel. Head over this and across a short boggy section to reach the drystone wall. Follow this steeply up the hillside, to where the wall splits. It is here you can turn the route into a walk by heading up and right to gain the ridge above the slab cliffs.

SH6288163247 For the scramble, carry on along the right side of the drystone wall. The terrain soon gets less steep and the cliffs appear above you to the right. Carry on until you can see the main Atlantic Ridge. There is a scree slip of large boulders that leads up to it. Stay by the wall until you reach the scree.

SH6254562729 Pick your way up the scree to the base of the ridge. Starting from the toe of the ridge scramble up, staying as close to the crest as possible, with deviations onto the cracked slab on the left where needed. The ridge soon splits: take the left ridge. This continues up in the same general vein until the right hand ridge rejoins you at a small overlap. From here carry on up the ridge again using the cracked slab on the left to the top. This is nearly 400m of continuous grade 2+/3 scrambling, with epic exposure by the top, and as such a rope is recommended. Turn left at the top and walk to the summit of Carnedd Y Filiast.
Topo overview of Atlantic Ridge  © Mark Reeves
Topo overview of Atlantic Ridge
© Mark Reeves, Apr 2019

SH6205862708 Walk along the main Glyder Ridge for about 500m and then follow the edge of the cwm around to the left to the top of a steep ridge descent.

SH6247162323 Descend the ridge - there is a vague path. A rock step is avoided to the right and then the ridge broadens out as you descend it to the drystone wall.

SH6299262918 Turn left and follow the drystone wall across the edge of the cwm to reach the wall you ascended. Cross this wall and descend along its left side back to the car.

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