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Osmotherley Trail Half-Marathon Trail running

A tough but very scenic half marathon on trails at the west end of the North York Moors

Osmotherley Trail Half-Marathon, North York Moors  © Nick Smith - Climbers
Osmotherley Trail Half-Marathon, North York Moors
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SE4733097342 After an easy start, a stiff climb up to CP #1, water

SE4712799443 CP #2, water/coke/food

SE4884299631 Marshall, then a quick descent on a good track down through the woods

NZ4817800786 Start of out & back section. Immediately before the road there is a ford across the stream, with a footbridge option for those who don't want to get their feet wet!

NZ4932000787 CP #3, water/coke/food. Climb up the hill, getting steeper and steeper

NZ5008401259 CP #4 turnaround at a small stone post (not the cairn several minutes further up the hill, just off the path on the right)

NZ4936200740 CP #5, water/coke/food

NZ4727200259 CP #6, water/coke/food

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by Nick Smith - Climbers

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