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Edale fell race Trail runningWalking

A short local race with a steep start and some very technical, rocky terrain...

Edale from Kinder  © Lawman
Edale from Kinder © Lawman
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SK1228586520 Uphill from the start to the gate and flagged zig-zags. Stay on the zig-zags please - don't cut corners

SK1248486609 From the top of the zig-zags, a path contours under Ringing Roger, towards the Kinder plateau

SK1250987511 Follow the main path left along the edge of the Kinder plateau, with some potential shortcuts on trods through the heather

SK1060687551 Cross the stream at the top of Grindsbrook, then take the main path up to Grindslow Knoll

SK1100086839 From the summit cairn of Grindslow Knoll, a steep grassy descent joins a rocky path heading back towards Edale. There is a choice of staying on the main rocky path, or taking a steeper descent line on grass which has provided some spectacular falls in the past!

SK1164086185 Through the gate, cross a field and go down the lane to the road. Turn right and it's a long sprint down the road. Go under the railway bridge, then take a sharp left, past the car park on your right, and emerge in the Edale Country Day field

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Further Routes

by Nick Smith - Climbers

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