Revisions Made to the Dewey Peaks

New surveys have prompted a number of changes to the Deweys, the list of the 500m summits in England and Wales. Numbering over 400, these are the summits between 500-610 metres in height, with a prominence of at least 30m. If you're bagging them, then you need to read on...

What comes after completing the 3000ft Munros? For those hillwalkers who concentrate their efforts on the Scottish hills the next step is usually to start on the 2500ft Corbetts. This natural downward height progression is no different for hills in England and Wales. Many hillwalkers will initially concentrate their efforts on the higher 2000ft hills of each country - but once these have been ticked, then what?

Cefn Cyfarwydd, the new Welsh Dewey © Myrddyn Phillips
Cefn Cyfarwydd, the new Welsh Dewey
© Myrddyn Phillips

In England and Wales, the next logical step down is to the 500m tops. These are known as the Deweys after their list compiler, Michael Dewey, who in 1995 published his Mountain Tables. This list mixed metric and imperial height in its criteria, listing hills between 500m – 2000ft (609.6m) in height with 30m minimum drop.

Since publication the list has received a number of reclassifications, mainly through map study and the use of survey equipment. But there hasn't been a reclassification to this list for a number of years - until now.

Three new amendments are being accepted by Michael Dewey. One is a new addition, another a deletion and the third a reinstatement of a hill previously deleted. These are:

Cefn Cyfarwydd (SH 75201 63067) - promotion

Surveyed using a Trimble GeoXH 6000 by Myrddyn Phillips, with assistance from Aled Williams, this hill is situated in the great sweep of rock and heather that makes up the higher north-eastern Carneddau in north Wales. With a surveyed summit of 501.7m and col of 471.0m the hill has a drop of 30.7m and is a new addition to the Deweys.

Twyn Walter (SN 82837 17506) - demotion

This is another hill surveyed with the Trimble GeoXH 6000 by Myrddyn Phillips, giving a summit height of 502.1m with its 475.95m col height relying on LIDAR analysis conducted by Aled Williams. This hill is situated in the limestone grasslands of Mynydd Du in south Wales and with only 26.2m of drop it is now deleted from the list of Deweys.

Beefstand Hill (NT 821 143) - re-entry

This has been reinstated by Michael Dewey based on communication with John Kirk, who petitioned for this hill to be accepted back in to the Dewey ranks. Having been included in the original list, it was subsequently deleted but has now been officially reinstated. This reinstatement took place in January 2015 - and this is the first time that it has been publicly announced.

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